Projected Capacitive Touchscreen & The Different Touch Technologies

CKS Global Solutions LTD Projected Capacitive Touchscreen

Touch screen technology has been in use for quite some time and the range of devices that operate with it broadens. Mobile devices are some of the biggest beneficiaries of touch screen technologies with smartphones and tablets making use of the best systems. Touch screens are also available in larger panels such as point-of-sale systems in retail stores. Automation of …

Panel PCs and the POS System

CKS Global Solutions LTD Panel PC

A point of sale (POS) system has become a must-have for most commercial businesses. These systems allow the exchange of goods or services for money at a specific point. A POS system needs a computer to operate, making a panel PC an essential part of the system. Rugged panel PCs suit different business requirements. They also allow for custom applications …

Getting the Correct Configuration for Panel PCs

CKS Global Solutions LTD Panel PC

Computers have moved from the traditional setting of office and into all kinds of environments. With automation of various industrial and business operations, computers have become essential tools. With different settings come varying requirements. Industrial computers cater to most of the automation needs in industrial work, but they have to be suitable enough.

Production Nightmare: Overheating Industrial Computers

CKS Global Solutions LTD Industrial Computer

Industrial settings are tough on computers since some common problems like overheating are bound to arise. Even though rugged computers can withstand high temperatures, there is still a risk particularly in extremely hot settings. An overheated industrial computer can cause some challenges.

Why Preventive Maintenance for Industrial Computers Is Necessary

CKS Global Solutions LTD Industrial Computer

Many businesses use industrial computers because its long service life is a big advantage; however, it must get the right maintenance to achieve that. Performing preventative maintenance of an industrial PC keeps it running for longer. The exposure to harsh environments calls for detailed servicing of these computers.

Why The Lines Between Embedded & Industrial Computers Must Never Blur

CKS Global Solutions LTD Industrial Computer

Over the years, the distinction between embedded and industrial computers has been slowly diminishing. Nowadays, people use the two interchangeably, both in definition and operation. An example of this is how these different machines are currently being utilised. Various sectors now utilise embedded computers as small versions of industrial computers although experts say this setup isn’t ideal. To most users, …

Food Processing

How Panel PCs Make the Food Processing Industry More Productive

CKS Global Solutions LTD Panel PC

Computerised system technology usage in the food industry is expected to continue growing as components cost decrease. The components are improving continually to withstand the rigours associated with the rugged food processing environment. In addition, food companies continue upgrading their production equipment, facilities and processes to lower costs, and produce high value and quality products.