Food Processing

How Panel PCs Make the Food Processing Industry More Productive

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Computerised system technology usage in the food industry is expected to continue growing as components cost decrease. The components are improving continually to withstand the rigours associated with the rugged food processing environment. In addition, food companies continue upgrading their production equipment, facilities and processes to lower costs, and produce high value and quality products.

IoT Internet of Things Industry 4.0

Industrial Computers: Industrial Internet of Things and Industry 4.0

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The Industrial Internet of Things refers to the use of uniquely identifiable devices that can connect with one another wirelessly in order to aid the manufacturing process. With the increasing sophistication of wireless technologies and the development of industrial computers, modern devices are becoming more and more useful in manufacturing.

Healthcare Industry

Advances in Panel PC Technology their Impact in Healthcare Industry

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Robotic surgery makes it possible for surgeons to reach confined areas of the body with precision. The use of panel computers in robotics surgery facilitates non-invasive procedures and provides assistance to doctors. A lengthy process can take its toll on a person, but a machine will continue working for hours. Through a panel PC, a surgeon can control the movement …

Keep Inventory Costs Down

How to Significantly Lower Your Inventory Costs Through Panel PCs

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As a subset of the industrial PC market, Panel PCs incorporate the display and the computer’s workings in one sealed unit, often with touch controls. But why use them over a standard PC? Panel PCs offer a usability advantage over a standard keyboard and mouse set up. Admittedly this is often dependant on what software is being used, but generally …

Automotive Manufacturing

Panel PCs and Their Importance in the Auto Manufacturing Industry

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The automotive industry is one of the most vibrant in the world today. There are various processes that a vehicle must go through before it is ready for use. Designing is the first process in automotive manufacturing. A manufacturer has to pick a design that is suitable and feasible. The next process is bringing in the components that build the …


How Industrial Computers Fare Against Tough Industrial Conditions

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To survive in an industrial environment, a computer must have the highest-quality components and be designed with toughness in mind. An industrial computer is designed with inbuilt resistance to mechanical shock and heavy vibrations from manufacturing processes which could cause malfunctions and/or damage. Good examples of this are solid-state, shock-mounted drives, which perform better than rotating hard disk drives, single-level …