Using Industrial Panel PC Technologies for Smart Automation

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Are you looking to increase the quality and flexibility of your manufacturing process? Industrial automation can help you meet this goal. It involves the use of systems, such as computers and robots. Industrial automation also uses information technologies like panel PC systems to handle different processes and tasks in any industry and can even be used to replace human workers. …

Boost Client Satisfaction with 22” Projected Capacitive Touchscreen Kiosks

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Retail store owners must adapt existing technologies to improve customer satisfaction. Interactive kiosks offer ease of use to customers in browsing and purchasing store items. Kiosks with 22-inch projected capacitive touchscreen PC provides clarity and crisp images, improving the overall customer experience. Self-service kiosks have taken the consumer experience to the next level. It provides users with a simplified and …

VESA Compliant S17 Industrial Computers in Fish Processing: A Case Study

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Fish processing continues to be driven by technology. Utilising advanced PCs like the S17 industrial computers is an ideal computing solution for a seamless fish processing operations. Built with the highest protection available for a device, this S17 panel mount PC ensures fast production while maintaining high-quality products at the same time. Substantially, fish processing factories continue to be driven …

Power Up S12 Industrial Computers for Faster Self-Order Kiosk Service

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The use of these self-ordering kiosks in restaurants help grow sales as well as prevent consumers from leaving its line. Advanced kiosks with S12 industrial computer displays have been proven to optimise and speed up services in many food businesses. Designed for kiosk applications, the S12 industrial PCs can have the features that have the flexibility to support future applications …

Setup S22 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen Displays for Advanced Kiosks

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Nowadays, the fast-paced lifestyle and advances in integrated kiosk technology encourage the use of reliable self-service systems. Customers can order items, browse product information and view promotions using these interactive kiosks. In fact, some store owners are integrating these kiosks to improve the overall customer experience [Kiosk Advantages].

Self-Ordering Kiosks Installed With An S12 Industrial Computer Display

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Is implementing a new technology like self-ordering kiosks the right decision for food businesses? Many restaurants took several benefits of utilising self-ordering kiosks. These kiosks helped them meet the needs such as enabling the customers to order their own food. Thus, it also allows the restaurant personnel to serve the foods quickly with no long queues.

Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PCs for Automated Kiosk Solutions

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Indubitably, technological advancements are changing every industry’s processes and operations. What’s more, these advances are also providing essential benefits to every consumer as well. And, this is also the top reason why the retail and commercial industry is taking advantage of technology. One of the latest technologies being used in this industry is the automated kiosk. It has the capability …

Embedding Industrial Computers to Self-Ordering Kiosks for Food Business

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Self-ordering kiosks are becoming popularinfast food businesses these days. In fact, thefastfood giant, McDonald’s, is amongst the businesses thatintroducethis technology(Mirror UK). So, rather queuing up to be served, customers can now choose their meals using touchscreen kiosks. These kiosks are built with industrial computer displays that can withstand frequent use of customers. It also comes with industrial-grade components to ensure …

Setting Up the S22 Touch Panel PC for Interactive Digital Totem Kiosks

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Business owners find new ways to engage customers and create a great connected experience. Now, commercial businesses are utilising digital signage totem kiosks. This is not just to provide better consumer experience, but also to have an edge over their competitors. That is why many kiosk manufacturers offer a variety of totems for these businesses to choose from. For kiosk …