Custom-Configured S22 Industrial Computers for UAV Command Centre

Richard B.Industrial Computer, Military Technology

Military prefer UAVs, which are capable of flying unmanned and undetectable to radars. UAV command centre uses a custom-configured industrial computer system, ensuring the capability to control drones on a mission. Rackmount S22 industrial PCs is an all-in-one computing solutions to elevate military UAV ground control operations. In the past, military operations used a Stealth technology when it comes to …

VESA Compliant S17 Industrial Computers in Fish Processing: A Case Study

Richard B.Industrial Computer, Kiosks Manufacturing

Fish processing continues to be driven by technology. Utilising advanced PCs like the S17 industrial computers is an ideal computing solution for a seamless fish processing operations. Built with the highest protection available for a device, this S17 panel mount PC ensures fast production while maintaining high-quality products at the same time. Substantially, fish processing factories continue to be driven …

Power Up S12 Industrial Computers for Faster Self-Order Kiosk Service

Richard B.Industrial Computer, Kiosks Manufacturing

The use of these self-ordering kiosks in restaurants help grow sales as well as prevent consumers from leaving its line. Advanced kiosks with S12 industrial computer displays have been proven to optimise and speed up services in many food businesses. Designed for kiosk applications, the S12 industrial PCs can have the features that have the flexibility to support future applications …

Self-Ordering Kiosks Installed With An S12 Industrial Computer Display

Richard B.Industrial Computer, Kiosks Manufacturing

Is implementing a new technology like self-ordering kiosks the right decision for food businesses? Many restaurants took several benefits of utilising self-ordering kiosks. These kiosks helped them meet the needs such as enabling the customers to order their own food. Thus, it also allows the restaurant personnel to serve the foods quickly with no long queues.

Rugged Industrial Computers in the Military UAV Base Stations

Richard B.Industrial Computer, Military Technology

Technology has been the biggest factor in moulding the defensive measures of the military industry. This pushes the industry to come up with innovative solutions that can improve their operations. Infact, industrial computers have been crucial in military operations due to their durability and ability to handle multiple information.Because of the advantages that the military canbenefit from these ruggedised computers, …

Using Rugged Industrial Computers Inside the Fish Processing Operations

Richard B.Food Processing Industry, Industrial Computer

Fishing is a worldwide business wherein the demand is also growing and so is the business. And, this is the reason why quality control startswithprocessing. Apart from handling, fish processing operation utilises a quality control and management system. This is to ensure that the end products are of high-quality andiscompliant with the Food Standard Agency policy. One of the most …

Embedding Industrial Computers to Self-Ordering Kiosks for Food Business

Richard B.Industrial Computer, Kiosks Manufacturing

Self-ordering kiosks are becoming popularinfast food businesses these days. In fact, thefastfood giant, McDonald’s, is amongst the businesses thatintroducethis technology(Mirror UK). So, rather queuing up to be served, customers can now choose their meals using touchscreen kiosks. These kiosks are built with industrial computer displays that can withstand frequent use of customers. It also comes with industrial-grade components to ensure …

High IP69K / LED Backlit S17 Industrial Computer in Autopilot System

Richard B.Aviation Technology, Industrial Computer

Do autopilot system and advanced automation offer safety to aircraft operations? Obviously, the aviation industry is slowly implementing the latest advancements in technology to improve its aviation operations. Amongst these are the autopilot flight systems. This only means that this system also requires a reliable computing technology. An industrial computing device must have the capacity to store big data and …