Fundamentals of Technical Support Options in the Most Crucial Industries

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Customer interactions have radically changed. In less than 20 years, most customers who have issues with their computer devices need to visit its designated support centre for product returns. And often, the issue is not resolved on the spot. Today, transactions are done through the line-to-line communication with the help of a customer care or support specialist. Thanks to the …

An Easy Technical Support Guide to Calibrate Windows® 10 to Panel PCs

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Failing to properly configure an industrial computing device can lead to unresponsive touchscreens. Do you know that such kind of technical problem exists? Actually, most of us often install software on our touchscreen PCs without configuring the system. But, this can result in delayed interface responses. This can greatly impact the system productivity, especially for industrial operations. Now, always bear …

Simple Troubleshooting Tips From Technical Support For Industrial Keyboards

A Nitty-Gritty Technical Support Guide About Keyboard Troubleshooting

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Every industrial operation has processes where operators need to use industrial computers with compatible peripheral devices. This is to ensure that critical operations can be performed efficiently and productively. As a matter of fact, utilising equipment such as industrial-grade keyboards can enhance a user’s work productivity and ensure consistent product quality [Brightline Technologies]. But, despite its rugged features, keyboards can …

How Technical Support Specialists Help Fix Common Issues on Touchscreen PCs

Technical Support for Touchscreen PC Errors in Industrial Applications

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Touchscreen technology is now the widely used interface among mobile devices and panel PCs in the world [Statistica]. But, what to do if the touchscreen stops responding to the user’s touch gestures? With over 4.5 billion mobile phone users, devices bearing this type of touch technology require lesser touch pressure to register user input. It provides a smooth interface which …

What a Technical Support Can Do When Setting Up a Network Connection

What a Technical Support Can Do When Setting Up a Network Connection

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Fast computer connectivity is a vital factor in many businesses, which rely on a stable network connection. In fact, businesses which have a stable connection have shown significant improvements in staff communication, collaboration, and marketing [Chron]. Therefore, installing the right Ethernet system for the business, regardless of its size and type, should be the top priority. Now, what is an …

Technical Support 101: Common Issues on Resistive and Capacitive Touchscreens

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Ever sinceit was firstdeveloped,touchscreen technology has enabled many industries tooptimisetheir production processes. Aside from its accurate touch response time, it was also designed to withstand a wide temperature range in varying work conditions.  As a matter of fact, panelPCs with touchscreen capabilities are widely used in industrial applications. One example is in the food processing industry whereindustrial computersfeatureinteractive displayswhich help …

Technical Support Troubleshooting Tips About Touchscreen Display PC Issues

Technical Support: Troubleshooting Tips on Touchscreen Display Issues

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Touchscreen display PCs have paved the way for a new approach to human-machine interaction. Many devices are being integrated with this technology for commercial and industrial applications because of its intuitiveness. In fact, industrial PCs with a touchscreen technology offer several advantages such as faster operability, ease of usage, more straightforward interface and reduced costs. Moreover, physical limitations are no …

The Essentials of Ethernet Connectivity for Efficient Operations

3 Issues of Ethernet Port Connectivity and its Technical Support Fixes

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Do you know that Ethernet ports serve an important function in computers? Ethernet ports connect multiple computing systems through PC networks like the Ethernet LAN, Metropolitan Area Network, and Wide Area Network. This feature also allows the PC to link with the system mainframe. Thus, valuable data or information is directly stored in a centralised location. However, this port may …

Identifying Keyboard Issues and Fixes from Technical Support

Quick Technical Support Fixes to Common Keyboard Problems

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Computer issues can be commonplace in manufacturing industries. For example, in steel manufacturing, its work environment has an extreme temperature, dirt, moisture, shock and vibration. Hence, a poorly-protected equipment is definitely susceptible to these damaging conditions. Note that keyboards are essential peripherals for computers. Once it is damaged, it can slow down work progress or even cause further issues that …