128 Key Rugged Industrial Keyboard with Touchpad

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Multiple port interface options for 128P series keyboard designed with additional 24 responsive function keys and integrated with a sleek and capacitive 65mm x 50mm touchpad

Our 128-key ruggedised keyboard touchpad is an excellent peripheral solution for industrial panel PCs utilised in tough applications. Its IP67 sealing rating and stainless steel construction allow the device to last in harsh working conditions. This means that it can be used over extended periods in extreme environments whilst performing optimally.

With this, data input is more accurate and coding functions are varied. As a result, bottlenecks in operations are reduced and productivity is highly-improved.

IP67 Industrial 128-Key Rugged Keyboard with Touchpad

Many industries bear harsh working conditions that can damage commercial-grade equipment. Hence, it is essential to install industrial-grade keyboard components to ensure that the device under the presence of extreme temperature, shock, dirt, and moisture intrusion.

Our 128-key ruggedised keyboard integrated with a touchpad has an IP67 rating plus stainless steel (304) construction. Hence, it is protected from dust and liquid intrusion, with added resistance to corrosion and abrasion. Therefore, it is perfect for tough applications and washdown areas.

Features of Rugged 128-Key Keyboard with Touchpad

Rugged panel PCs with this type of peripheral ensures that operators are able to conveniently navigate software applications. With its integrated touchpad pointing device, it promotes an ergonomic and efficient workflow. It provides more dynamic and streamlined operations.

Here’s a list of some of the excellent features that made it ideal for industrial use:

Main Features and Benefits

  • 3-year warranty as standard
  • Up to 5 years extended warranties
  • Wear & Chemical resistant overlay
  • Steel construction
  • >1 million operation switches
  • Embossed keys for enhanced feel
  • IP67 Stainless Steel Keyboard
  • Alternative mounting
  • Integral 65mm x 50mm touchpad

-20°C to +60°C Operating Temperature

Facilities bearing harsh temperature can definitely take advantage of this 128p keyboard series. Even with harsh temperature, it can continue to perform its functions optimally.

Sealed Mechanical Keys

Our 128-key series keyboard uses the mechanical switch technology since it is durable and provides better typing experience. With its excellent typing feedback, it reduces data input errors whilst being able to last over extensive usage.

Wear and Chemical Resistant Polyester Overlay

Polyester is a strong material that is very resistant to abrasion and chemicals. Hence, the 128-key rugged keyboard with touchpad is an ideal peripheral for panel PCs in industrial settings.

Get 128P Series Keyboard for Data Entry Operations

We understand that industries have different hardware pre-requisites in many operations. Thus, we provide customisation options to build the hardware that is most suitable to your business operation needs.

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