TB50 Rugged Industrial Trackerball

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Ergonomics is an important concept in many workspaces. In manufacturing facilities, equipment with an ergonomic design increases productivity because operators can conveniently and seamlessly transition from one process to another.

With this in mind, we designed our industrial pointing devices that can be utilised to streamline operations. The TB50 series has a 50mm trackerball size, cased, bezel, rear or flush mount options for a convenient and efficient operator-machine interaction.

Rugged Trackerball for Sturdy and Precise Pointing Device

Our TB50 industrial trackerball has an IP65/NEMA 4 protection rating. This computer peripheral device is protected from dust, moisture, and even damages from harsh temperature. That way, it can be connected in rugged computing systems that are set up in extreme environments.

It has sealed mechanical keys, 200 pulses/ball revolution, and phenolic resin ball material makes this pointing device robust with precise cursor control. This results to minimised data input errors which therefore increases the production rate.

Specifications of the TB50 Rugged Trackball

So, what are the other features which make our device ideal peripheral equipment for industrial computing systems? Here’s a list of some of its outstanding specifications:

Guaranteed Features

  • 3-year warranty as standard
  • Up to 5 years extended warranties
  • Steel construction
  • Embossed keys
  • Wear / Chemical resistant overlay
  • 50mm (2″) trackerball
  • IP65 / NEMA 4
  • Quadrature or Full Protocol interface

Multiple Mounting Options

Our TB50 industrial-grade trackerball has four mounting options. That way, it can be conveniently installed in limited work areas to make way for more large machinery.

Wear & Chemical Resistant Polyester Overlay

In addition to the IP65/NEMA4 sealing, the construction of the device has wear and chemical resistant polyester overlay. Thus, the device is protected from corrosive elements that can damage its inner components.

Custom-Fit Options

Our customisation options range from its interface, mechanics, colour, coding and physical dimensions. That way, it can be built in such a way that maximises its functionalities in different operations.

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Precise cursor control and sturdiness are the two excellent features of our device. However, with its arsenal of features, the TB50 trackerball can be utilised for streamlined operations and increased production rate.

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