How To Simplify Operational Processes Using Industrial Keyboards

Richard B.Distribution and Logistics, Food Processing Industry, Industrial Keyboard, Military Technology, Steel Manufacturing Industry

Every work environment is turning to digital applications to make communicating, retrieving information, and file organization faster and easier. It was in an industrial setting where mobile technology had not yet become integrated.

The reason was obvious. Computers, tablets, and other fragile technologies faced the possibility of being broken, dropped, or run over in environments that were surrounded by huge machines, a busy and ultra-focused work team, and, yes, even dangerous in some cases. Let’s look at the applications and surroundings where using panel PCs with industrial keyboards can be simplified.

Food Processing Industry

The challenges faced in the food processing industry are unique and numerous. Human-Machine Interface (HMI) products are imperative for working with technical devices. Workers need panel PCs that can:

  • Allow workers to use a touchscreen after handling oily produce
  • Be built with no particle/food traps, so the machines do not contaminate the workplace
  • Withstand messy or wet substances (our IP68+ sealed Industrial PCs with flush projected capacitive touchscreens protect through the use of 4mm polycarbonate filter and a stainless steel enclosure)
  • Provide a high level of hygiene (our sealed industrial products are easy to clean and wash-down with no danger of affecting the machines’ reliable performance)
  • Improve energy efficiency (our products use low power industrial components with all the processing power needed to finish the job quickly and efficiently)
  • Weather cold temperatures (our industrial computers have the option of adding an extended operating temperature range due to an internal, monitored heater)

Distribution and Logistics

In the logistics and distribution industries, the spotlight is on fast, strong, reliable equipment that is up to the task of meeting every deadline without a hitch. The resources that require attention include:

  • Materials
  • Food
  • Equipment
  • Animals
  • Liquids
  • Time
  • Energy
  • Information
  • Particles

Digital products used at a distribution venue must be reliable, fast, and tough. We offer distribution centers these tools:

  • Fast and reliable Intel-based processors
  • Stainless steel Industrial Panel PCs with thick polycarbonate filters for protecting the touchscreen
  • Gloves-on operation of the touchscreen

Kiosks Manufacturing

Any technological devices used by the public must be easy-to-use, long-wearing, and as unbreakable as possible. That’s why our rugged computer products are just right for rough and tumble public access. The particular issues that come with supplying a public kiosk include:

  • Our custom-made Windows Embedded Thin Client software to prevent the public from navigating to crucial areas of the system and network
  • Incorporation of the company’s logo in a sharp, bold manner
  • Our 72T Illuminated Industrial Keyboard with Trackerball with LED backlit keyboard and customisable colours, great for areas with poor lighting
  • Kiosks that can stand up to any child’s banging and curiosity

Steel Manufacturing

Steel is everywhere in our world. It continues to be widely manufactured and used in sectors like automobile manufacturing, construction, and machine building. To say that working with technical devices on the floor of a steel fabricating warehouse is difficult would be a gigantic understatement. But CKS Global has what it takes.

  • Some of our industrial computers are just coming back for service for the first time since purchased, approximately 25 years ago.
  • CKS industrial HMI equipment is a must in the steel manufacturing industry.
  • Our computers have an extended temperature range of -30 degrees C to + 50 degrees C. This means our machines work well in areas that are deemed too hot for other suppliers’ equipment.

When Tata Steel needed Inter-process communication (IPC) that could only be activated by human touch, our PCAP IPC was what they needed. They were preventing a possible disaster that could occur if an accidental operation of a line-controlling PC. Our products helped and were easy to wash, had extended temperature ranges, and came with a polycarbonate filter on the touchscreen.


When working with the military, specifications and requirements become more critical than ever. Military equipment must be:

  1. Immune to a wide range of environmental factors
  2. Sealed to protect units from water damage
  3. Protected from any introduction to water, foreign bodies, or contaminants that could affect the product
  4. Built to handle shock and vibration
  5. Avoid heat damage in hotter climates

What We Can Provide

At CKS Global Solutions, we customize designs for the military that include:

  • Flight refueling systems
  • Radio equipment
  • Rack-mount systems
  • Custom keyboards
  • Custom panels, and more

Top-Rated Products

  • Industrial Workstations
  • Industrial Computers
  • Panel PCs
  • Embedded Box PCs
  • Industrial Monitors
  • Industrial Keyboards – All have a resistant overlay to prevent wear and chemical damage. You don’t even have to ask.
  • Industrial Pointing Devices

Our company has been in the business of assisting our clients in designing and manufacturing computers that can withstand the rugged industrial industry for the past more than 30 years. If you need help with:

  • Projected capacitive touchscreen technology
  • Specialist computer support
  • Panel PCs -Our Panel PCs are integrated with Resistive and Projected Capacitive Touchscreen (PCAP Touchscreens). What we mean by that is our PCs are made to use where extra hardware (e.g., wired mouse and keyboard) can be cumbersome. They are sealed up to an IP rating of IP69K which makes them safe in wash-down areas. The PCs work with bare hands and gloved hands. Their scratch-resistance for resistive touchscreens is not as high as the scratch-resistance of our PCAP touchscreens fitted with a thick polycarbonate filter.
  • Industrial computer systems that are customisable
  • Embedded Box PCs – These PCs are very useful in environments with size restraints. At the same time, Embedded Box PCs have a lower level of power consumption. These machines are fanless, as much as 8 GB DDR3L RAM, and can be customised.
  • Industrial Keyboards – Our keyboards are built to last under dynamic conditions in industrial settings. Your manufacturing operations are probably different from the requirements of another company’s processes. CKS knows that keyboards come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and types. If you need a PC that will last under extreme conditions, we can design and manufacture it for you.

Contact us today.Our team will be in contact with you as soon as possible. Remember that weoffer a three-year warranty, an upgrade to a five-year warranty, and on-site warranty if required.