5 Facts About Industrial Workstations Every Industry Should Know

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The current unemployment rate is low, which means employers like yourself must put extra effort into both attracting and retaining the type of highly qualified employees needed to boost profit margins. What you might not realize is that one of the simplest ways to improve your bottom line is by installing top-quality industrial workstationsin the workplace.

There are several different ways the industrial workstations improve your employee’s professional lives, which in turn improves the amount of revenue your business generates.

Industrial Workstations Improve Workplace Safety in Every Industry

Safety must be the number one priority for every business owner and manager. You need to take every possible measure to ensure that the workplace is always safe. Not only do injuries decrease productivity, but a history of safety issues makes it harder to attract new employees. While thetype of workplace injuries and how much they cost a businessvaries from one industry to the next, installing industrial workstations is one of the best ways to significantly reduce and possibly even eliminate workplace injuries.

Industrial workstations reduce workplace injuries by ensuring that there is a place for everything. Cords are tucked out of the way. Pieces of paper and tools aren’t falling onto the floor. While this might not seem like a big deal, but it means less debris on the floor, which in turn reduces the number of slipping and tripping incidents your business has each year.

Workstations Extend the Life of the Technology the Business Uses

The business environment is hard on technology, especially computers. Workplace computers that aren’t stored in an industrial workstation are at risk for an assortment of issues, including:

  • Overheating
  • Having items dropped on them
  • Their cords becoming loosened or damaged after something heavy was set on the cord
  • Dust damage

Not only do these things drastically shorten the life span of the computer, but they also pose a serious problem for your business. A computer that frequently overheats is a fire risk, especially if it’s near anything flammable, like a pile of papers, and cords that aren’t tucked away can lead to workplace injuries.

Businesses that installed industrial workstations have noticed that not only do the computers last a great deal longer than they did prior to being placed in the workstations. Not only do they get more years out of each computer, but the machines operate smoothly and are less prone to disruptive software crashes.

Improve Workplace Productivity

A2012 studyproved that there’s a strong link between a high-quality industrial workstation and overall employee productivity. Not only do the workstations improve workplace organization, drastically decreasing the amount of time employees spend looking for the various items they need to complete different tasks, but the ergonomic design allows the employee who is using the station to move more freely, which in turn leads to them working faster and requiring fewer breaks during the workday. According to the researchers, workstations that were modified to encourage good posture resulted in improved tool contact and increased employee satisfaction.

Workstations Make Employees Happy

A great deal of research and effort has been put into designing current industrial workstations. One of the biggest aspect’s designers focused on was making the workstations more ergonomic than ever before. The result of this effort is that the employees feel better while they’re working. Not having to deal with aches and pains created by sub-standard workstations goes a long way towards improving workplace morale and being surrounded by co-workers who feel good and who are in high spirits makes the workplace a happy place. This results in employees who are eager to get to work each day, significantly higher productivity rates, and fewer employees faking illnesses just so they can have a few days off.

Lead to Improved Employee Retention

Employee turnover is a massive problem for employers. It’s estimated that the loss of a single retail employee who makes just $8 an hour ultimately costs that retail company approximately$3,500. In a factory or office setting where the employees have highly specialized skills and draw a higher wage (and benefits), the cost is even greater.

Installing industrial workstations is one of the simplest ways to see a significant reduction in employee turnover. It’s a simple gesture that demonstrates how much you value your employees. Knowing that you’re willing to go the extra mile to make them comfortable, happy, and safe, not only inspires your current employees to continue working for you, but also encourages them to recommend you to their highly qualified associates who are currently looking for employment.

Some business owners noticed that one they startedpromoting the fact that they used industrial workstationsnot only increased the number of applicants they received for each open position but also that most of the applicants had better qualifications.

When you stop and consider all the different benefits connected to industrial workstations, you realize that they’re something you really can’t afford to be without.

Why Choose CKS Industrial Workstations

Your business is unique, so it stands to reason that the type of industrial workstations you require is also unique. We have spent the past 30 years designing CKS industrial workstations. During that time, we’ve learned that a workstation that works for one type of industry isn’t a good fit for another, which is why we work hard to create PC workstations that are designed to smoothly integrate into your workspace.

We want you to be thrilled with your new industrial workstations, which is why all of our workstations are:

  • Constructed out of P69K rated stainless steel and covered with NEMA 4 sealed protective casing
  • Feature a2M high pedestal
  • Include75mm VESA wall mounting brackets which improve safety
  • Include a 3-year warranty which can be upgraded to a 5-year contract

The great thing about installing CKS industrial workstations in your workplace is that you’ll notice immediate results. The sooner youcontact usabout our high-quality industrial workstations, the sooner you’ll have a full staff of happy and healthy employees.