How To Simplify Operational Processes Using Industrial Keyboards

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Every work environment is turning to digital applications to make communicating, retrieving information, and file organization faster and easier. It was in an industrial setting where mobile technology had not yet become integrated. The reason was obvious. Computers, tablets, and other fragile technologies faced the possibility of being broken, dropped, or run over in environments that were surrounded by huge …

Enabling Automation with Rugged Industrial Keyboards

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Whether you’re a large-scale food producer, work with fast-moving consumer goods, or you’re a petroleum manufacturer, automation is changing your industry. Not only is automation a critical driver of business success across industry channels, but it’s also become synonymous with increased throughput and streamlined operations. Big data, IoT, and all of the other “digital disruptors” have made automation a necessity, …

Complete Buyer’s Guide to Industrial Keyboards for Computing Solutions

Complete Buyer’s Guide to Industrial Keyboards for Computing Solutions

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Over the years, technological advancements have drastically evolved. Not only has it improved day-to-day life, but also, different industries experienced more efficient production. As a result, there is massive production to cater to product demand whilst maintaining quality and occupational safety. That is why equipment manufacturers provide a variety of industrial-grade components and peripherals to further enhance specific operations. Industries …

3 Factors Why the Military Must Use 72-Key Industrial Keyboards

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Ruggedisedcomputers can be easily used in a harsh working environment and extreme temperature. In fact, these types of devices are being utilised in military operations. This is because it is designed to be more durable to withstand rough handling and severe wear-and-tear. But,whilst it is true that these computing systems may work effectively, maintaining a military operation is also tough. …

Simple Troubleshooting Tips From Technical Support For Industrial Keyboards

A Nitty-Gritty Technical Support Guide About Keyboard Troubleshooting

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Every industrial operation has processes where operators need to use industrial computers with compatible peripheral devices. This is to ensure that critical operations can be performed efficiently and productively. As a matter of fact, utilising equipment such as industrial-grade keyboards can enhance a user’s work productivity and ensure consistent product quality [Brightline Technologies]. But, despite its rugged features, keyboards can …

Maximising Operational Efficiency Using the 96-key Rugged Keyboards

3 Ways How Fleet Managers Benefit by Using 96-Key Industrial Keyboard

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Fleet managers make sure that all merchandises are shipped within the schedule. But, unexpected hardware issues, such as keyboard button failure due to prolonged use, can incur delays. To help them accomplish this task timely, they use industrial computer keyboards in fleet management operations. Amongst the most recommended peripherals is the 96-key rugged industrial keyboard which stands out as one …

Top Reasons to Integrate 128-Key Industrial Keyboard to Panel PC

4 Features of 128-Key Industrial Keyboards Used on Processing Plants

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For fruit juice manufacturers, sanitation and hygiene are top priorities. Each step entails careful monitoring to ensure that products are in best quality. Thus, accurate data input is necessary. Having a computing system that provides precise monitoring and information encoding is advantageous in meticulous fruit juice operations. Apart from installing industrial PCs, having the 128-key industrial keyboard is an excellent …

Upscale Steel Processes Using Panel PCs with 72-Key Rugged Keyboard

72-Key Industrial Keyboards with Trackball for Steel Manufacturing

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By 2030, there is a projected £6 billion annual demand for steel products in the UK [EEF]. This is the reason why most of the stakeholders in the industry opt for an automated system to keep up with the growth. Although the automation software is integrated to ruggedised computing systems, there is a need to further optimise and streamline its …

Effective Military Peace Operations for Extreme Work Environment

Embedded PCs with Built-in Industrial Keyboards for Military Applications

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Every military operation requires efficient, tactical, and precise execution. In times of peace, military forces participate in peace support operations (formerly military operations other than war) [Joint Doctrine for MOOTW]. This operation involves gathering information by using all available resources which includes the use of advanced computing equipment with compatible keyboards. Moreover, the military-grade industrial keyboards, along with ruggedised PCs, …

Industrial Keyboards Installed to Panel PCs for Improved Operations

Fruit Juice Manufacturers Using Panel PCs with Industrial Keyboards

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Most consumers who are always on-the-go conveniently grab a small bottle of fruit juice and get ready for the day. Being an instant source of essential nutrient, no wonder why fruit juices are a popular thirst-quenching drink and a great partner for a meal. This isthe main reason why many fruit juice manufacturers thrived in the competitive food and drink …