96 Key Rugged Industrial Keyboard

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With an IP67 protection rating and stainless steel construction, our 96-key industrial keyboard can last in harsh conditions while providing excellent functionality and efficient data input over extended periods.

Factories have challenging elements that can harm commercial-grade components. Industrial computing devices such as rugged keyboards have become a standard for this type of application.

To ensure that our computer peripheral devices are robust, we use a stainless steel (304) construction. Our 96-key rugged keyboard’s electronic parts are enclose in this type of material. Moreover, with its IP67 rating, wear and chemical resistant polyester overlay, and sealed mechanical keys, made the device ideal for tough applications and suitable for wash down areas.

Stainless Steel 96-Key Industrial Keyboard with IP67 Rating

Ruggedised components of our keyboards make it an ideal computer peripheral device. Because of its features, it can be used to optimise operations such as automation in many industries.

We offer several customisation options including the physical dimensions, case colours, logos, and interface. That way, you can build the industrial keyboard to meet your business operational requirements.

Features and Advantages of the 96-Key Industrial Keyboard

Our 96-key industrial keyboard’s features showcase the sturdiness of the device and excellent performance. Here are some of the specifications:

Rugged Keyboard Features

  • 3 year warranty as standard
  • Up to 5 year extended warranties
  • Wear & Chemical resistant overlay
  • Steel construction
  • >1 million operation switches
  • Embossed keys for enhanced feel
  • IP67
  • Alternative mounting

95% non-condensing relative humidity

Perfect for facilities with high relative humidity, the device can last in this type of environment where a commercial grade keyboard will break down.

>1 million switch cycles

The performance of our rugged keyboards are still optimal even if it exceeded the standard life expectancy of 1 million key operations.

Varied interface options

We understand that there are certain conditions to meet for specific hardware needs. Hence, we offer different interface options for our 96-key industrial keyboard: USB / PS2 / AT / RS232 / RS422 / RS485 / XT/ TTL / DEC / SUN.

Moreover, we provide a 3-year warranty standard return which can be extendable to 5 years if required. Our team is dedicated to provide outstanding computing solutions but also support.

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