Steel Manufacturing

Steel manufacturing is an industry that has existed for centuries and an important factor in the modern industrialized economies. Steel can be found in nearly anything that is massively manufactured today, such as cars, machines and structural pieces, which means the industry is as alive at it has ever been, if not more so!

Steel Manufacturing Example
Example of the temperatures in a steel fabricator.

That being the case, you need tough, reliable equipment to work alongside otherwise the job just simply won’t get done! Our Industrial PCs and rugged Industrial Keyboards are up to the job. With a proven track record, (some only coming back after 25 years of use for its first service!) our Industrial HMI equipment are exactly what you need in the steel manufacturing industry.

Our Industrial Computers can have an extended temperature range of -30°C to +50°C which gives you the opportunity to use our equipment in rooms that would be deemed too hot for other suppliers equipment to function.

We have worked with one of the biggest names in the steel manufacturing industry, Tata Steel. Our PCAP IPC was ideal for them as they needed an IPC that could only be activated by human touch to prevent a possible disaster caused by the accidental operation of a line controlling PC, whilst still retaining the other great qualities that our industrial products bring, such as the easy to wash down surfaces, the extended temperature range and tough polycarbonate filter on our touchscreen IPCs.

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