Industrial Workstation

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Designed for industrial environments, our industrial workstation is built with a 304 high stainless steel construction has been. Its ergonomic design makes it ideal for harsh applications and suitable for wash down areas.

This workstation provides more workspace, more compact and countless opportunities for expansion. Thanks to standardised and individual modules, industrial computer workstations became a requirement-oriented solution for many industries.

Custom-Fitted Industrial Computer Workstations

Our industrial workstation assembly is the complete package, comprising of a Stainless Steel Pedestal, a choice of our rugged industrial computers/displays, and industry proof rugged keyboard.

You do not need to stick to using our standard products; perhaps, you require a custom solution which is precisely what we can offer, with high-quality in-house design and manufacturing.

This stainless steel workstation can be equipped with electronic components and extensive range of accessories for a complete solution. From built-in Watchdog timers to 75mm VESA wall mounting brackets, we ensure perfection and mobility.

Reliable Rugggedised Industrial Computing Solutions

Our range of workstation products is tested and retested to ensure work flexibility and survival in conditions like heat, cold, humidity, vibration and a variety of other environmental challenges that would destroy most standard display and computer solutions. Here are some of its key features and benefits:

  • Built in Watchdog
  • High IP & NEMA sealing
  • Rugged Stainless steel construction
  • 75mm VESA wall mounting brackets
  • Fits Panel PCs and Monitors as standard
  • Fits all Keyboards with Pointing Devices as standard
  • 2M high stainless steel pedestal
  • CKS Designed & Manufactured

Ideal Operating Conditions

It can come with a built-in Watchdog timer which is tailored to monitor internal operating conditions.

Plug and Play

Under this concept, our PC workstations are compatible with standardised PC enclosures, ready for industrial use.

System Accessories for Optimum Requirements

It is designed to fit in peripherals such as socket strips, LED lighting, USB/LAN/Ethernet ports and many more. The distinguishing feature of our Industrial Workstations is its flexible and durable construction. Various possible combinations of individual components can also be customised.

Request A Custom Designed Industrial PC Workstation

We can help you install the right requirement profile with absolute precision. So, we offer solutions with a unique design flair. A ‘Build Yours Now’ is coming shortly! If you would like to enquire about an industrial workstation, fill out the Product Enquiry form in the tab to the right.