Logistics and distribution are a fast paced industry that require fast, reliable and strong equipment so that they can meet every deadline without a hitch.

Logistics is the management of the flow of goods between the point of origin and the point of consumption in order to meet some requirements, of customers or corporations. The resources managed in logistics can include physical items, such as food, materials, animals, equipment and liquids, as well as abstract items, such as time, information, particles, and energy. – Wikipedia

Sainsburys End of Chute 22 Inch Industrial Display
Custom end of chute display – Sainsbury’s

Our tough, reliable industrial products make this possible. With fast Intel based processors you know that your equipment is not going to slow you down, as the last thing anyone needs is to not be able to finish the job because of a hindrance with the equipment used.

In an industry where large packages are always on the move you do not want a workstation that is going to fall over when hit by a loaded palette, or a touchscreen that is going to break in the same manner or by a heavy handed employee. Which is why our stainless steel Industrial Panel PCs are ideal for this industry. The 4mm polycarbonate filter protects the touchscreen from heavy handed use or collisions with large heavy objects, and the projected capacitive touchscreen allows end users to operate the touchscreen without having to take their gloves off.

We have worked with some very big names in the logistics / distribution industry such as Sainsbury’s, Tesco Frozen and Norbert Dentressangle. Often working closely to provide custom solutions to fit every requirement such as the end chute display to the right.

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