How to Use Panel PCs with Projected Capacitive Touchscreen for Automation

Richard B.Projected Capacitive Touchscreen

Industrial panel PCs, whenintegrated with Resistive or Projected Capacitive Touchscreens (PCAP Touchscreens), make using a Panel PC an excellent choice in those parts of your business that need extra hardware (e.g., a wired mouse, a keyboard). Panel PCs are:

  • Sealed to up to an IP rating of IP69K, making them imperious in wash-down areas
  • Well sealed against the food processing area’s flying liquids, fish scales, and peelings
  • Able to be fully customized for your needs, using our “Build Yours Now!” section on the product page

The Impact of Automation

Recent advances inthe realm of technology such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotics have the world’s population asking if automation is our ally, or will it work against human beings. Here are some insights from theMcKinsey Global Instituteon these musings:

  1. Automation is going to improvebusiness’ performance; reduce errors, and improve both our products’ quality and the speed at which manufactured.
  2. Although nearly half of current jobs people have today could face automation in the coming years, more occupations will change/evolve ratherthan being pushed out of existence by AI, robots, and machines.
  3. Sixty percent of all jobs will have at least 30 percentof automatable activities.
  4. Automation will increase global productivity and raise GDP.
  5. The nature of work will change as automation processes transform. People will begin to perform procedures that complement the work machines are accomplishing.

Customised Panel PCs

Your company’s IT specialists and employees on the frontline will need to choose from these characteristics offered by our Panel PC products:

Scratch Resistance Capacity

The resistive screens, manufactured by CKS, have a soft, plastic layer that fits over the surfaceoperates by sensing pressure. These screens are apt to scratch. PCAP touchscreens are made with a flush 4mm polycarbonate filter to keep it from being damaged.

Water and Dust Protection

If the touchscreen is likely to b exposed to excessive dust or drops of water, resistive screens provide significantresistance to both. Our company offers atouchscreen that has Built-In Water Detection. This added protection comes in handy because a projected capacitive touchscreen can receive false touch detections from even small drops of water.

Bare Fingers or Gloved?

Your business needs to decide if your employeeswill be using the touch screen with bare fingers, a stylus, or with gloved hands. Capacitive touch screens respond only to bare fingersunless the user is wearing extremely thin gloves. CKS offers a selection of touchscreen firmwarefor use in differing applications. We will customize the touchscreen firmware to suit your company’s needs, even if your team is going to be using their Panel PCs in a cold environment wearing thick gloves.

Weather Resistance

In many cases, a touchscreen is affected by UV light, and their plastic layers reduce the ability to read what is on the screens when outdoors in sunlight. At CKS, our best touchscreens for outdoor tasksare our Projected Capacitive.

Display Contrast and Brightness

Does your company need excellent LCD brightness and contrast? Must your employees have a screen they can use in direct sunlight? It is often the case that a capacitive touchscreen reduces the display contrastdue to its conductive plastic layers that cover the screen.

Industries that Use Panel PCs

Already, industrial Panel PCs are considered a necessity in the sectors of healthcare, industrial manufacturing, and corporate businesses, other uses of touchscreen technology include:

  • Trade show displays
  • Information kiosks
  • Retail or restaurant environments
  • Home automation
  • Logistics and distribution
  • Food processing
  • Military actions and aviation
  • Steel manufacturing

The Importance of Panel PCs

The design and manufacture of an industrial Panel PC must allow it to take on harsh environments. Standard computers cannot survive usage in situations that take place in highly-trafficked; crowded, too warm or cold locations. Software used in a Panel PC does not require vast amounts of attention, updating, or maintenance. If the work at your company involves physical movement, on-site activities, or interacting with customers, an industrial computer will be your new best friend.

Industrial computers last a long time. Your business will, at some point, realize that the time has come to expand its current equipment. CKS Global Solutions can plan upgrades so your business can continue to grow.

Analyse the needs of your company before you begin your shopping for an industrial computer. CKS wants you to have what you need in the areas of keyboards, price points, workstations, and pointing devices before you invest in your electronics.

Consider your performance needs based on these items:

  • The processor you must have in place
  • The speed you want to maintain on your machines and the speed options you have
  • Your current operating system

Remember that CKS has experts who are ready to get the information you needwhen you need it.

When you choose CKS Global, we learn as much as possible about your business applications before we make any recommendations. When you realize it is time to add automation to your work setting, we are the company to contact. Here’s what we produce for you and your growing business:

  • Industrial Workstations
  • Industrial Computers (Panel PCs/Embedded Box PCs)
  • Industrial Monitors (12.1″, 17″, 22″)
  • Industrial Keyboards (some with Trackerball, Touchpad, pointing device)
  • Industrial Pointing Devices
  • A proven record of supplying high-quality products
  • Service guarantees that our keyboards are in excellent working condition and perform outstandingly
  • A Wear and Chemical resistant overlay for protection and longevity
  • Keyboards with high Ingress Protection and National Electrical Manufacturers Association (IP/NEMA) ratings

About CKS Global Solutions

We have to go along with Henry Ford, who said:

“If you need a machine and don’t buy it, then ultimately you will find that you have paid for it but don’t have it.”

Now is the time for you and your business to consider which machines are going to be necessary for your continued growth and the reputation on which you have built your business.

Contact us today atCKS Globalfor more information on our products, our services, and our expertise.