5 Top Reasons to Use Panel PCs for Industrial Applications

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Automation has completely revolutionised the industrial space. Not only has it given rise to dynamic new market goals and unique cost reduction opportunities, but it has simplified redundancies and increased efficiencies on a large scale — bringing new levels of maturity and sophistication to the industrial value chain. One of the best value segments for automation is in operations. Currently,51%of …

Using Industrial Panel PC Technologies for Smart Automation

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Are you looking to increase the quality and flexibility of your manufacturing process? Industrial automation can help you meet this goal. It involves the use of systems, such as computers and robots. Industrial automation also uses information technologies like panel PC systems to handle different processes and tasks in any industry and can even be used to replace human workers. …

An Easy Technical Support Guide to Calibrate Windows® 10 to Panel PCs

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Failing to properly configure an industrial computing device can lead to unresponsive touchscreens. Do you know that such kind of technical problem exists? Actually, most of us often install software on our touchscreen PCs without configuring the system. But, this can result in delayed interface responses. This can greatly impact the system productivity, especially for industrial operations. Now, always bear …

Case Study in Transportation Management System with S22 Touch Panel PC

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Distribution and logistics require a fast-paced yet streamlined operation to meet deliveries on-time and maximise profitability. Installing S22 panel PC is advantageous in TMS operations because not only does it streamlines operations, but also its sturdiness guarantees operability 365/24/7. Many benefits are installing a 22” panel PC for TMS which include seamless processes, reduced miscalculations and active monitoring of delivery …

Intel® Core™ i7 with 16GB RAM S17 Touch Panel PC for Flight Tracking

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The aviation industry needs to have comprehensive flight tracking solutions to improve safety procedures and information dissemination to passengers. Utilising an S17 panel PC allows optimisation of the current flight tracking system as well as the versatility to adapt to future flight tracking applications. Air traffic controllers can seamlessly receive real-time updates from both the aircraft and passengers by utilising …

S12 Capacitive Touchscreen Panel PCs for Automotive Steel Operations

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The automotive industry’s demand for lightweight steel makes it challenging to mass produce quality Advanced High-Strength Steel (AHSS). Installing S12 panel PC for manufacturing AHSS has the interoperability and sturdiness necessary to augment a steel-making process. With 12.1” panel computers, steel-manufacturing is more efficient which results in high production rate without significant cost increase. Environmental and energy regulations are becoming …

Upgrade to S17 Panel PC for Advanced Flight Tracking in Aviation

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Nowadays, the flight tracking system of the aviation industry has several challenges in many aspects such as safety, communication and flight management concerns. It resulted in inefficient operations that have an adverse effect on the passenger’s end. Nevertheless, advanced computing technologies are utilised to improve flight tracking operations. Developments in this field are under progress to ensure overall optimum procedures.

Ensure High-Quality Steel for Automotive Industry Using S12 Panel PC

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Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS) is a new generation of steel grade that is stronger and highly flexible. This type of steel is being utilised by the automotive industry because of its lightweight, durable qualities. But because of its unique combination of material and mechanical properties, manufacturing this type of steel requires extreme precision and reliable technology [Steel Market Development …

Flight Operation Officers Using A Panel PC With A Real-Time Flight System

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Flight tracking systems are being used mainly by airports, manufacturers and carriers to predict delays, handle irregular operations, and analyse the best flight path. As a matter of fact, a real-time flight tracking system is now being used by the aviation industry. It works by transmitting an aircraft’s position, altitude and speed via automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) in actual time. …