Framework of Integrating Industrial Workstations in Heavy-Duty Locations

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Efficient large-scale manufacturing became possible whilst military and aviation operations have also become more advanced. Thanks to technological advancements, it opened up opportunities for innovation and dynamic strategies. Likewise, this also provided industry key players with a competitive edge through further optimisation of their operations. But, as higher demand and more stringent regulations shape the manufacturing and military industries, operatives …

How Military Can Make Logistics Ops Better with Industrial Workstation

Richard B. Industrial Workstation, Military Technology

Over the last decades, thedefencelogistics in the military continues to adopt technological advancementsto streamline its operations.This isto ensure that mission-critical data is delivered to the authorised personnel. That is whythe militarylogistics management utilises a network-centric computing platform for a more efficient information flow. However, the military can make the logistics operation betterbyusing an industrial-grade workstation for panel PCs. It is …

Using Industrial Panel PC Workstations in Distribution Centres

How Distributors Can Maximise Operations Using Industrial PC Workstations

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Warehouse and distribution facilities are designed to achieve maximum efficiency in all aspects of operations. Since it stores different types of products, it is essential to have an organised and streamlined workflow. This is to prevent potential risks and ensure fast-paced fulfilment. That is why distribution centres utilise specialised transportation and operation management software to enhance its operation. Usually, these …

Ergonomic Meat Processes Using Rugged Workstations with Built-in PCs

NEMA4-Sealed Industrial PC Workstations for Seamless Meat Processing

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Food sanitation and hygiene are the topmost priority in every meat processing plants. This is to ensure that manufacturers are compliant with food and safety standards. However, there is a need to optimise and create effective strategies to keep up with stringent regulations, rising demand and competition. And, that is the reason why automation and robotics are the most used …

Improved Steel Operations with Industrial PC Workstations

VESA-Compliant Industrial Workstations for Space-Saving Steel Operations

Richard B. Industrial Workstation, Steel Manufacturing Industry

Bottleneck operations is a common scenario in most steel manufacturing plants. It can cause delays in operations, which may result in not meeting target production yield. However, installing industrial PCs can make a steel process become seamless. It enhances the overall steel operation when these panel PCs are embedded in ruggedised industrial workstations. This type of setup allows operators to …

Simplified Military Logistics Operations Using Industrial PC Workstations

Richard B. Industrial Workstation, Military Technology

Essentially, military logistics is a system that supports various military activities [NATO]. Logistics operators must have the capability to quickly provide the materials to guarantee operational success. That is why utilising advanced computing devices are essential to monitor military activities and equipment. However, given the fact that military activities operate under extreme work environments, it would be ideal to integrate …

Streamlining the Meat Process Using Industrial PC Workstations

Industrial Panel PC Workstations On Efficient Meat Processing System

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As the world consumerist class continues to grow, the global annual meat production is expected to increase up to 376million tonnes by 2030 [World Health Organization].With this rising demand, the newly-improved food safety standards in the UK has affected the meat processing industry. The UK Food Standards Agency’s new sustainable regulatory model focuses on transparency regarding food safety. So, there …

Workstations Designed for Industrial Computer Applications

How Distributors Use Industrial Workstations to Improve Operations

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Do you know that the Constellation Centre in Bristol, England stores and distributes 15% of the total supply of wine and alcohol in the UK’s market [AvantaUK]? Such a large distribution centre utilises an advanced computing system to ensure efficiency and productivity at the same time. Furthermore, its computing equipment is built with anindustrial workstationto provide operators withpracticaland multipurpose solutions …

Reduced Bottleneck in Steel-Making with Industrial Workstation

Ways to Optimise Steel Factory Processes Using Industrial Workstations

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In the steel industry, how do large steel manufacturers maintain its top position in the global market? For an established steel manufacturer who wants to maintain its competitive edge, it should have an efficient and productive operation. Every process in steel-making must install and run a reliable operating system. However, some of the challenges that hinder an operation’s continuous momentum …