How Distributors Can Maximise Operations Using Industrial PC Workstations

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Warehouse and distribution facilities are designed to achieve maximum efficiency in all aspects of operations. Since it stores different types of products, it is essential to have an organised and streamlined workflow. This is to prevent potential risks and ensure fast-paced fulfilment. That is why distribution centres utilise specialised transportation and operation management software to enhance its operation.

Usually, these programs are installed in industrial PC to continuously monitor and manage systems amidst harsh work conditions. But, setting up these devices to our VESA-compliant industrial workstation can also provide many advantages. These workstations can bring in the computing systems at the core of distribution operations. As a result, it creates a dynamic and efficient warehouse distribution system.

Now, how can these industrial-grade workstations provide more than efficiency in distribution operation? Keep reading this blog to see why this equipment is an excellent solution for this industry.

Using Industrial Panel PC Workstations in Distribution Centres

Using Industrial Panel PC Workstations in Distribution Centres

Distribution facilities implement a systematic flow of operations to handle large volume of information and products. And, at the same time, these goods must be distributed in a timely manner. So, allowing distributors use a workstation with built-in panel PC can provide them with real-time monitoring capabilities and other specific functions.

This stainless-steel workstation can be equipped with peripherals that can be utilised for seamless operation and overall productivity. Moreover, Its IP65 rating and NEMA4 sealing enables the device to withstand stringent working conditions in the fulfilment area. But, rest assured that devices installed on workstations can function well even with the presence of harsh elements such as water and dirt.

Here are some of the features of the industrial workstation that make it suitable for distribution centres:


In distribution facilities, hardware requirements may differ per operational need. Fortunately, the VESA-compliant workstation is built with a plug-and-play concept. It is compatible with standardised PC enclosures, wherein panel PCs can be installed in different work areas.

Therefore, it enhances productivity rate to operators because they can conveniently access panel PCs at the core of distribution operations.

IP65/NEMA4 Rating

Shock and abrasive damages are commonplace in distribution centres. But, this type of workstation has a protection rating of IP65/NEMA4 sealing. So, it can definitely last as it is highly protected from shock, dust and moisture damages. What’s more, this workstation adds more protection to the panel PC. Thus, downtime and costly repairs are reduced during fulfilment operations.

Built-in System Accessories

Needless to say, distribution agencies bear fast-paced environment with limited spaces. And, distributors make sure that every product stored are managed efficiently.

Now, our industrial workstation features 2M high stainless pedestal for a more compact footprint. Therefore, it is designed to fit in peripherals such as socket strips, LED lighting, USB/LAN/Ethernet ports and many more. So, expect that it can create more workspace for large machineries and heavy packages.


Design Your Own Industrial Workstation Today

Distribution agencies play a vital role in deploying the right supply to consumers. In fact, most distributors utilise an advanced equipment and automation to facilitate efficiency in the fulfilment area. This is to prevent costly miscalculations that can cause backlogging in overall operations.

But, installing panel PCs to industrial workstation offer an efficient distribution operation and ergonomic workspace for distributors. So, look for a reliable industrial computer manufacturer today and start designing you own industrial PC workstations to maximise distribution operations.


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