An Introduction to Industrial Pointing Devices and its Main Functions

All Things About Industrial Pointing Devices Every Industry Needs To Know

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Unsurprisingly, modern industrial applications are being implemented in various industry sectors. Take, for example, the food industry uses conveyor belts controlled by advanced computing equipment for large-scale operations. Distribution agencies, such as Amazon, take advantage of warehouse robots for logistics applications. Although each of this industry has different applications, it all has one purpose; to maximise its productivity. This is …

How Canning Operators Intensify Its Processes Using IP67-Sealed Touchpad

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Did you know that Birmingham is the canned food capital city of Britain? Reports say thatover 1 million citizens consume640,000 canned-fooda day [Daily Mail].This high demand for canned products is even used to promote events; such as the United Way Canned Food Drive which offered a Zoo entrance discount to customers bringing with them anynon-perishable foodstuff[Birmingham Zoo]. This only means …

Why Opt for TB50 Industrial Trackerball in Steel Operations

4 Reasons Steel Operators Should Use TB50 Industrial Pointing Devices

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Key players in the construction market expect a 23% increase in demand for structural steel between 2014 and 2018. For steel manufacturers, the entire steel process must use technological advancement to increase production yield. This includes adapting automation and upgrading its computing system. That is why setting up industrial computing devices with compatible peripherals is essential for steel manufacturing operations. …

Optimising Air Traffic Control Ops with TB38 Embedded Panel PCs

Why Use TB38 Industrial Pointing Device With Air Traffic Control PCs

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Technical issues may occur in most industries like in the aviation centres. In December 2013, technical issues at the air traffic control centre in Swanwick, Hampshire led to the delay of over 1,000 flights. As a result, over 225 flights were cancelled. It prompted the National Air Traffic Service (NATS) to take control of the situation and resolve the said …

Effective Shipping Management Using TB38 Trackballs on Panel PCs

TB38 Trackball Industrial Pointing Devices for Efficient Cargo Shipping

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It is well-known that shipping operations have evolved in many ways and the requirements to comply with the regulations also change steadily. In fact, the cargo volumes increase every year, making cargo ships capacity to also grow. That is why most shipping operators utilise a reliable computing equipment to make sure that freight items can be delivered in a timely …

Trackerballs: An Ideal Industrial Pointing Device for Aviation Ops

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London Heathrow airport is one of busiest aeroplane hub in the world [Independent]. In fact, its air traffic controllers handle over 1,300 flights on a daily basis. They use complex, reliable computing equipment with compatible PC peripherals, such astrackerballs, to monitor individual flights. Industrial pointing devices, liketrackerballs, are built with a material that can withstand frequent usagewhilemaintaining its fast response …

Seafarers Utilising Trackerballs on Container Ship Applications

Rugged Industrial Pointing Devices Used on Cargo Ship Operations

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Cargo ship vessels are built with sophisticated machinery which enables efficient freight operations in open seas. This water-borne craft specialises in transporting large quantities of goods even in the busiest shipping ports in Europe. It also comes with a navigation system to communicate with the port officials to ensure that operations run smoothly at the port of discharge. However, cargo …

Industrial Pointing Devices for Seamless Steel Production

Are Industrial Pointing Devices Necessary in Structural Steel Industry?

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Several industries need steel for their products because of its ductility and durability from harsh environmental conditions. However, the construction sector remains as the top consumer of this material. In the UK alone, demand for structural steelwork is expected to grow by 23% by 2018 [Foregale]. This means that it will be a challenge for steel manufacturers to meet this …