How Canning Operators Intensify Its Processes Using IP67-Sealed Touchpad

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Did you know that Birmingham is the canned food capital city of Britain?

Reports say thatover 1 million citizens consume640,000 canned-fooda day [Daily Mail].This high demand for canned products is even used to promote events; such as the United Way Canned Food Drive which offered a Zoo entrance discount to customers bringing with them anynon-perishable foodstuff[Birmingham Zoo].

This only means that canned food processing across the countryshouldneed to maximiseitsproduction to address this high demand. That is why factory operators use industrial computers toensureworkproductivity. However, these operations often use specific and heavy machinery for its processes.What’s more,there isalsolimited space available for bulky computers with unreliable peripherals.

Fortunately,there is a TP touchpad,an industrial-gradepointingdevice,which is designed forindustrial applications. It is built witha compact 65 x 55mm surface area,encased in a 304 stainless steel bezelconstruction frame. So,it featurescorrosion-resistant propertiesthatprevent rustfrom formingintothe device.Rest assured thatthis IP67-sealedTP touchpad can provide functionalities even inthis kind of harsh working condition.

Now, how can this type of pointing device intensify a canning process? Does it have the capabilities to withstand a hygienic kind of environment like food plants? Learn more on this blog and discover why the TP industrial touchpad is a suitable peripheral device for canning operations.

MaximisedOverall Canning Productivity Using TP IndustrialTouchpadMaximisedOverall Canning Productivity Using TP IndustrialTouchpad

When a factory produces food, they have to adhere strictsanitationstandards. Its food processing facilities must be hygienically-designed, properly cleaned,and consistently maintained. That is why food processors should also utilise an equipment that can withstandharshenvironments.

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So, besides industrial-grade PC, this must have peripherals that are fit to perform specific food processing applications. Hence, adding a TPruggedisedtouchpad can be a great computing solution. Here’s how this pointing device can helpmaximise the overall canning productivity.

High Operational Lifespan Expectancy

The TP touchpad pointing deviceisdesigned to performits functionsfor approximately 1 million switch cycles. So, operators canutilise this device even inprolongedoperation times.But, expect that the TP touchpad can still provide better functionalities in the canning processes.

Customisable PhysicalDesign

A canning process requires specific commands and applications to ensure efficient operation. So, its equipment used must have the flexibility to be programmed based on the application needed to complete the process.

But, the TP Touchpad can have the key features ideal for canneryeven in limited space for installation and utilisation. It can come with a customised physical structure to fit a space available for a facility. So, it provides space-saving capabilityand at the same time, the specifications needed for canning operations.


Install the TP Touchpadto Improve CanningProduction

Increased client’s demands, strict sanitationregulations,andtechnological advancements;youname it. Food production such as canning processes will often meet different challenges. But, having compatible computing deviceswith anindustrial pointing devicecan definitely balance the challenges and competitiveness.

Contact anindustrial PC manufacturertoday and install TP Touchpad on panel PCs to improve canning operations.


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