How to Use Panel PCs with Projected Capacitive Touchscreen for Automation

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Industrial panel PCs, whenintegrated with Resistive or Projected Capacitive Touchscreens (PCAP Touchscreens), make using a Panel PC an excellent choice in those parts of your business that need extra hardware (e.g., a wired mouse, a keyboard). Panel PCs are: Sealed to up to an IP rating of IP69K, making them imperious in wash-down areas Well sealed against the food processing …

6 Questions to Ask When Buying Panel PCs with Projected Capacitance

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As touchscreen technology continues to dominate the consumer sector, the industrial industry is finding ways to position this disruptive physical technology into their everyday workflows. Since industrial brands often operate in complex, rough, and harsher-than-normal working environments, they can’t always utilize technology that’s available to consumers. When it comes to physical hardware like touchscreens, industrial businesses need equipment that’s resistant …

Using Industrial Panel PC Technologies for Smart Automation

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Are you looking to increase the quality and flexibility of your manufacturing process? Industrial automation can help you meet this goal. It involves the use of systems, such as computers and robots. Industrial automation also uses information technologies like panel PC systems to handle different processes and tasks in any industry and can even be used to replace human workers. …

How the S12 Industrial Panel PC Work in Refining Processes in Sugar Plants

Cased VESA 75 Mount S12 Panel PC for Refining Processes in Sugar Factories

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The UK’s sugar industry was delighted of the upcoming sugar deregulation law as part of Brexit’s final agreement. Its sugar industry could grow up by 50% after the longstanding quota regime. By that time, they would also have the opportunity to start exporting their products in the global market [EADT UK]. Thus, sugar factories need to utilise an advanced system …

How the S22 Industrial Panel PC Can Make Totem Kiosks Better

Best Feats of the S22 Industrial Panel PC for Interactive Totem Kiosks

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In the business world, it is essential to provide a tool or an equipment that catches the attention of customers. One of the most effective ways to delight them is through advertising. However, as the world is turning into a digital age, the use of technological advancements is becoming a trend. As a matter of fact, many consumers prefer using …

Naval Tactical Data Systems Integrated With the S17 Industrial Panel PCs

Upgrade to S17 Industrial Panel PC for the Naval Tactical Data System

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Modern surface and submarine vessels require a number of different computer networks on board. This is to maintain security operations in maritime environments. But, with its challenging workplace, military ships should acquire a reliable computing system. Amongst the most utilised computing equipment is industrial computing devices. It can have the specifications needed for the military. At the same time, it …

Streamline the Sugar Processing Operations Using the S12 Industrial Panel PCs

S12 Industrial Panel PCs Streamlining Sugar Processing Operations

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Every industry requires customer requirements in the vertical market. For sugar industry, production lines often run continuously due to frequent changing of consumer demands. At the same time, it requires extensive data management to ensure product quality. That is why the majority of the sugar factories now use industrial computers linked to automated systems. Not only will it suffice the …

Installing the S22 Industrial Panel PCs To Digital Totem Kiosks

Setting Up the S22 Touch Panel PC for Interactive Digital Totem Kiosks

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Business owners find new ways to engage customers and create a great connected experience. Now, commercial businesses are utilising digital signage totem kiosks. This is not just to provide better consumer experience, but also to have an edge over their competitors. That is why many kiosk manufacturers offer a variety of totems for these businesses to choose from. For kiosk …

Integrating Naval Tactical Data System With Industrial Panel PCs

Industrial Panel PCs Integrated To Naval Tactical Data System

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Safeguarding the high seas is one of the main responsibilities of the UK’s Royal Navy. This includes preventing the possible conflicts in between boundaries. So, the British forces are utilising the most reliable equipment ensuring accurate and real-time data is gathered. Amongst the most utilised system is the Naval Tactical Data System (NTDS). It is also called as the computerised …

Sugar Processing Plants Utilising Industrial Panel PCs On The Operations

Sugar Processing Plants Using Panel PCs To Streamline Operations

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Sugar production plants in the UK now opt for an advanced manufacturing operation. This only means that majority of their operation will be integrated into an automated system. In this system, it includes the boiling process, milling section, and quality management. For example, the British Sugar is one of the most efficient sugar processors in the world. They have partnered …