Sugar Processing Plants Using Panel PCs To Streamline Operations

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Sugar production plants in the UK now opt for an advanced manufacturing operation. This only means that majority of their operation will be integrated into an automated system. In this system, it includes the boiling process, milling section, and quality management.

For example, the British Sugar is one of the most efficient sugar processors in the world. They have partnered with 3,500 sugar growers supplying 60% of the UK’s sugar market [British Sugar].

To make their processes efficient, their operations use industrial computers. These devices have the capability to deliver efficient and accurate data for a successful sugar production. Used on data collection and analysis, industrial panel PCs enable the entire sugar production efficient.

In addition to that, this industrial PCs can have the required specifications needed for the process. Although exposed to the harsh working environment, these computers can also bear the highest protection available.

Can this device provide long-term availability? How tough and durable is the industrial computing devices? Get to know more of its strengths and capabilities on this blog.

Sugar Processing Plants Utilising Industrial Panel PCs On The Operations

Why Sugar Factories Should Use Panel PCs For Automated Sugar Processes

Like any other industries, British sugar industries have also felt the impact of technological advancements. In fact, automation helps on the advancement of these industries to speed up their process efficiently.

Automated software systems are compatible with industrial computing devices. So, installing an industrial PC can improve the current systems of the operations. Because of this, sugar operators no longer have to undergo a rigid training just to familiarise the system.

Besides, industrial panel PCs are built with a stainless steel construction frame. These ruggedised computers are resistant from dust, water intrusion, dirt and other fallen debris. Therefore, the internal parts of the system are well-protected. At the same time, these devices can work efficiently even the presence of these potential risks.

Certainly, streamlining the sugar processing operations can be possible by using these devices. Let us take a look further at how these rugged computers can be compatible for these operations.

Taking Advantage of Industrial PCs for Automation in Sugar Processing

Having a reliable computing system for sugar production is essential. And, operations can be more effective if automation is also installed into its system.

How can these devices be utilised in the sugar processing operations? Here are some of its strengths and capabilities.

For Data Collection and Analysis

Industrial computing devices have a compatible system processor for any type of industrial application. These applications are used for data collection and analysis can be installed on this device. So, these advanced computers can gather and analyse real-time data.

In addition, industrial computers usually come with a built-in watchdog timer. This feature has the capability to record, monitor and detect system error of the device. Plus, this feature has also the capacity to resolve system issues of the device to prevent system failure. Therefore, this device is built to last for a long period of time.

For Milling Section Operations

Since the automated software systems can be installed on this device, milling plant’s operation can be monitored and checked. By using industrial computing devices, the flow of the milling operations is streamlined. Thus, each milling process, from raw juice to evaporator sections, is performed efficiently.

What’s more, these ruggedised computers can also withstand harsh environments like the milling operations. It cannot be denied that dust, dirt, moisture, and liquid spill overs are present in this area. But, rugged computers have a high IP rating and NEMA sealing. So, it can still work efficiently even with the presence of this potential risks.

For Vacuum Pan or Boiling Process

Steps like seeding, graining, and sugar crystallisation are part of the boiling process. These steps are also difficult to handle manually. But, with an automated system installed, it can make these processes easy and quick.

Industrial panel PCs can also have a touchscreen technology feature. Each of this operation can be shown on a screen monitor. That way, the operator can simply touch the monitor to enable a specific function. So, this device provides the ease of use for its operators as well.

Use Industrial Computers to Automate the Systems for Sugar Industries

Sugar is used as one of the ingredients in many food products including beverages. So, the demand will always be available. Because of this, sugar manufacturing industries need to upgrade its systems today.

Also, the competition in the UK’s sugar industry is stiff. It is imperative to improve its sugar production to have a competitive edge amongst the others. So, by automating their systems, sugar processing operations can produce high-quality sugar.


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