Touch Panel PCs Installed On Digital Signage Totem Kiosks

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Commercial businesses today use interactive digital totem kiosks to help increase customer engagement. Besides its sleek design, customers can also learn a lot of information by using digital totems.

Whilst, it is typically placed indoors, totems have frequent users. Its outer parts, particularly the screen monitor, are susceptible to damage. This includes the presence of potential risks that may hinder the system to operate. Examples of these include dust, dirt, liquid spill overs, moist and other fallen debris.

So, it would be ideal to embed a tough and sturdy computing system into totems. And, an industrial touch panel PC can be installed in totem kiosks. Moreover, customers may have the ease of utilising digital totems with touchscreen functionalities, too. And, users can now easily navigate a certain application to get the information they need.

But, can an industrial computing device be compatible with digital totems’ system? Find out how industrial PCs are essential for totem kiosks on this blog.

Integrate Industrial Touch Panel PCs To Digital Signage Totem Kiosks

Integrating Digital Signage Totem Kiosks With Touch Panel PCs

Digital totems can easily attract individual passers because of its bright resolutions and innovative features. These back-to-back monitor displays are commonly found in public places like in train stations. Also, totems are used in providing healthcare applications as well as travel and leisure information.

Since totems have complex applications, it would be ideal to choose an industrial computing device for it to work. An industrial computer can have a compatible operating system for digital totem kiosks. Thus, specific applications for totems can be installed and utilised by the general public.

What’s more, industrial PCs can also have the highest protection available for a device. With its high IP rating & NEMA sealing, it can withstand harsh environment and frequent use. And, definitely, it can still perform its functions well.

But, what are the other benefits of utilising these computers in digital totems? Get to know more about its advantages further below.

Building A Totem Kiosks With Industrial Touch Panel PCs

Digital totem kiosks are usually installed in indoor places. These kiosks also offer specific functions like showing the arrival times of buses in a terminal.

Furthermore, digital totem kiosks can function even with long-term availability. Check out some applications of these totems with an industrial computer installed on it.

Ideal For Indoors, Best For Outdoors

Originally, totems are placed indoors such as commercial business centres, airports, and healthcare facilities. But now, digital totems can now be installed outdoors. These kiosks can function even in all-weather outdoor environments.

The industrial computing device is enclosed in a stainless steel construction frame, and NEMA-sealed. So, internal parts of the system are protected. Hence, totem kiosks can be used without any hindrance which may cause the system to fail.

Touchscreen Functionalities

Other totems are intended for advertising purposes only. But, it can have a function to interact with the general public using its touchscreen features. Not only it will provide ease of use but it also speeds up utilising a certain application through touching the screen.

In addition, two of the most commonly used touchscreen technologies can be integrated to touch panel PCs. It can be resistive touchscreens or projected capacitive touchscreens.

Both have impressive touchscreen capabilities. But, industrial PC manufacturers recommend using projected capacitive touchscreens. This is because touchscreens with projected capacitance are more responsive to touch compared to resistive touchscreens. Another reason is that projected capacitive touchscreens are scratch-, dust- and water-resistant. Hence, totems can absolutely provide better services to its users.

Customisable Options

Commercial-grade PCs have fixed specifications. But with industrial computers, some of its technical specifications can be customised. One example of it choosing the right operating system for totem kiosks. Usually, manufacturers may recommend the most suitable system for this physical gizmo. But, an industrial computing device can perform its functions efficiently.

Digital Totem Kiosks Installed With Industrial PCs

Kiosk manufacturers help businesses with the best advertising services to reach more customers. They ensure that kiosks are in good running conditions before it is being installed in preferred places. So, wherever the kiosk may be placed, customers will have a great experience in utilising these digital totems.

So, it would be smart to install the digital totem kiosk with an industrial computer. With its advanced computing features, these kiosks can absolutely provide effective functions to the users.


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