Integrating Autopilot Flight Control System To Industrial Computers

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Aircrafts can only be operated by a licenced pilot. But, the increasing demand of air passengers also increases the number of flights. As a result, pilots may suffer health conditions due to spending more hours of flying an aircraft. It can also be a triggering factor why there are human flight errors as well.

So, as a solution to this problem, an autopilot flight control system is created. It is a system used to guide an aerial vehicle without the assistance of a licenced pilot. By monitoring the relevant flight data from inertial measurement instruments, it enables to maintain the orientation of the plane. Then, this data gathered will be used for corrective actions.

Modern autopilot systems also use a computer software to control the aircraft. Aside from its classic flight controls, this software has also the capability to control throttles to optimise the airspeed. It can also move fuel to different tanks to balance the aircraft in an optimal altitude in the air.

With its complexity, it requires a tough computing system. Not only can an industrial computer compatible with the system, but it can also perform its functions efficiently.

Hence, with these technological advancements, industrial PCs are suitable for these applications. But, how can an industrial computing device be operated in the aerospace? Keep reading as this blog will guide you.

Utilising Industrial Computers On Autopilot Flight Control System

Why Utilise Industrial Computers For Autopilot Flight Control System

Do you have any idea how pilots managed to fly an aircraft for 13 straight hours? Well, aircrafts these days are now taking advantage of the autopilot flight control systems. It is a system that enables to control an aircraft to fly safely without the pilot’s manoeuvre.

An autopilot system is also connected to the gyroscopic heading indicator and altitude indicator. This is to hydraulically operate elevators and rudders. It also enables the aircraft to fly straight and level on a compass course without a pilot’s attention as well. Thus, it greatly reduces the pilot’s workload.

In fact, this system can also be integrated into an industrial computing device. This device can have a reliable system processor and internal components. This is to ensure that the system can function well on this device.

An industrial panel PC for aviation operations can also have the capability to withstand harsh environment in aerospace. As a matter of fact, this device can have the highest protection available for a device.

What are the key features of an industrial PC for an autopilot system to operate? Get to know the features and capabilities of industrial computers.

Getting the Features of Industrial PCs for Autopilot Operations

When it comes to providing an ideal computing system, the industrial panel PCs are best recommended. Industrial computing devices have the right features to facilitate the aviation operations. Here are some features of these rugged computing devices.

Durable and Tough

This is the best feature any industry can get from an industrial PC. It must be able to withstand extreme working condition and harsh environment. Its industrial-grade components ensure that it can function well. Most of these devices have industrial standard ratings and sealing. And, some have the highest IP rating and NEMA sealing as well.


Industrial panel PCs are known to last for a long period of time. Each part is solely made for industrial applications. So, expect that these devices can provide long-term availability.

Ease of Installation

Installing a rugged computer requires no major modification in these industries. In fact, many manufacturers provide clients with their preferred specifications. This is to make sure that the right computing system is being installed. At the same time, this device will also perform its specific function.

Setup an Industrial Computer for Autopilot Flight Control Systems

Pilots may have limitations in terms of endurance in flying an aircraft for long hours. It does not only lead them to some serious health conditions. But, it will also be one factor that can cause an air vehicle to experience flight errors.

By installing an autopilot system to an industrial panel PC, it enables the pilot to reduce their flight workloads.


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