Why Preventive Maintenance for Industrial Computers Is Necessary

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Many businesses use industrial computers because its long service life is a big advantage; however, it must get the right maintenance to achieve that. Performing preventative maintenance of an industrial PC keeps it running for longer. The exposure to harsh environments calls for detailed servicing of these computers.

Ignoring preventative maintenance will lead to an inefficient system, which costs more money to run. If a computer is not up to the task, it will use up power and take longer to complete processes, which interferes with productivity. Slow systems are a common cause of losses for industrial companies because production functions go down.

What Reduces the Lifespan?

Various factors can contribute to a shortened life of an industrial PC. Exposure to dust over a prolonged period will interfere with the cooling element of a computer. A machine with faulty fans will result in the CPU running faster, which will reduce its lifespan. There is also the threat of overheating. A machine that is exposed to high temperatures for a long time may eventually experience worn out components, leading to inefficiency.

Computer hard drives also suffer damage and that chips away at the quality of a machine. Addition and removal of devices or drives in a computer will leave it with irrelevant registry entries that can result in slower performance. Industrial computers also suffer from shock and vibrations particularly in manufacturing settings, and this will reduce their lifespan.

Checking and Cleaning

The best way to ensure that an industrial PC serves its functions as long as possible is to conduct checks and to regularly clean it. If a PC is in a moist setting, then measures should be taken to keep it dry. Blowing the computer with compressed air will get rid of accumulated dust. However, blowing the drives may cause them to malfunction.


Inspection of industrial PCs will depend on its environment. A setting with extreme heat, strong vibrations or dust exposure may call for weekly or monthly inspections. During these examinations, it is essential to run diagnostics on a machine to check if it is operating at its maximum. It is also during inspections that technicians can see if any components need changing.


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