Production Nightmare: Overheating Industrial Computers

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Industrial settings are tough on computers since some common problems like overheating are bound to arise. Even though rugged computers can withstand high temperatures, there is still a risk particularly in extremely hot settings. An overheated industrial computer can cause some challenges.

For one, such a machine will experience downtime, which will impact production. If the workers in a manufacturing factory cannot complete operations, then they miss deadlines, production goes down, and profits dwindle. Besides downtime, an overheated machine will have trouble rebooting and will keep showing error messages during operations, making it hard to work.

Causes of Overheating

Various elements will contribute to overheating of an industrial PC. Dust is the biggest culprit in overheating machines. When a computer accumulates too much dust, it hinders the cooling capacity because fans are not working optimally. A computer without the ability to cool down accumulates heat over time.

Another cause of overheating is the environment a machine is in. The temperatures in some settings may exceed those recommended for industrial PCs. Operating a machine in proximity to high temperatures will diminish its ability to cool down. A rugged computer can also overheat due to overuse. Some industrial operations may require a PC to run for 24 hours, which takes a toll on its structure.

Solving the Problem

Some options can help prevent the problems of overheating in industrial PCs. One is getting suitable enclosures for computers. Manufacturers of rugged computers provide enclosures that can prevent dust accumulation while still allowing access. They also protect computers from shock, vibrations, and liquid penetration. These enclosures have designs that are suitable for industrial use.

The right positioning of a computer can also help prevent overheating issues. An industrial plant can allocate an area with cooler temperatures to place computers. However, there may be some accessibility inconveniences when a computer is in a different room. The best way is to find means to keep part of the floor area cool enough to sustain a computer.


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