Panel PCs and the POS System

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A point of sale (POS) system has become a must-have for most commercial businesses. These systems allow the exchange of goods or services for money at a specific point. A POS system needs a computer to operate, making a panel PC an essential part of the system. Rugged panel PCs suit different business requirements. They also allow for custom applications and dedicated functions, thereby improving the efficiency of a POS system.

Evolution of POS

Electronic cash registers were the first form of POS systems. These cash registers had connections to mainframe computers at the back of stores. They used proprietary software to operate, albeit with limited functionality. In the 20th century, stores used systems with levers or cranks. Then came the barcode readers, and then later on, PCs were introduced. Nowadays, point of sale systems perform more functions and use highly sophisticated software.

Benefits of a POS

A point of sale system increases the efficiency of operations in a particular business. The checkout process used to be a tedious procedure with customers waiting for a long time in line. Modern POS systems make it less taxing to facilitate checkout. Additionally, a business is capable of keeping better track of its inventory with a point of sale system.

Traditionally, inventory functions fell to employees, which would take a lot of time. Systems now automatically update inventory, making it faster and more cost effective. Managers are also able to organise their stock better with the digital databases that come with point of sale systems.

Selecting a POS System

Different commercial entities have varying needs for point of sale systems. When choosing a system for your company, carefully analyse the needs that the business has. A suitable system should factor in present and future needs. Consider the features that are available when purchasing a point of sale system.

Tracking inventory and issuing reports are the most basic features that most companies will look at. An ideal point of sale systems must also be compatible with the hardware and software that you use for other functions.


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