Tips on How to Keep Your Touch Screen Clean and Protected

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The introduction of projected capacitive touch screen technology allows users of industrial and heavy duty computers to work in environments that are filled with moisture, chemicals, unbearable temperatures, and other conditions. The use of the technology in other smaller gadgets like tablets and smartphones is also commonplace. However, users need to carry out some form of maintenance to get the full benefits of their touch screens. Cleaning is one of the tasks required and is briefly discussed next.

The Importance of Keeping your Touchscreen Clean

Operating the projected capacitive touchscreen on industrial computers is mostly by the use of fingers. Regular cleaning rids the surfaces of the microorganisms transmitted from your hands that cause illnesses.

Over time, oily fingerprints fill the screen surfaces, and attract and retain dust and other particles, which compromise the appearance and visibility of the screens. Some of the particles can cause scratches, and this may reduce the resale value of the device or cause visibility problems.

The different cleaning Materials that you should have for your Touch Screen

UV sanitizers and ammonia-free glass cleaning solutions are your best bets for your touchscreen. Tissue paper, abrasive cloths, and paper towels can scratch the screen’s surface. Should you clean with water, use damp microfiber cloth and wipe gently.

The Different kinds of Screen Materials and How Chemicals Affect Them

When choosing a screen type that you can clean easily, the one characteristic you may want to consider is chemical resistance. The 4-wire resistive screen offers resistance against general household detergents, acetone, and ethanol. Its 5-wire resistive screen alternative, on the other hand, is resistant to vinegar, acetone, turpentine, methylene chloride, hexane, and isopropyl alcohol. An infrared screen type has a chemical resistance to household detergents, grease, acetone, and alcohol.


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