Making the Most of Your Projected Capacitive Touchscreen

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Projected capacitive touchscreen technology is one of the most popular types on the market. The manufacturing sector is one where PCT meets various applications. PCT is highly suitable for communication devices and is an excellent choice for multi-touch users input, thanks to its sensing capabilities

PCT devices can sense fingers even with thin gloves, which make it possible to use the technology in settings that require users this accessory, like in food and beverages production. Projected capacitive technology is used in machine automation as well.

Designing a PCT Interface

An interface design must first of all be functional and provide good performance. Analysing the needs of a particular business is a priority for creating an interface that is fully functional.

Another factor of importance for the interface design is whether to go with mutual capacitance or self-capacitance. It is imperative to understand the advantages both sensing methods offer before picking one. The speed of touch response will also contribute to the design of a PCT interface. Different users and applications require varying levels of speed, and that will help with the design. Also, look at the lens cover needs because some applications require thick covers to prevent damages.

Choice of Touchscreen

When designing the user interface, the selection of touchscreen technology will make a great difference; varying kinds have different characteristics. For one, some touch screens are more accurate than others. Other touch screens would be more suitable for use with styluses than bare fingers or vice versa.

There is also the difference in hover detection. Some touch screens are more sensitive in detecting fingers that approach the surface without touching it. A lot more features will make the difference between the suitability of one touch screen over another.


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