Common Industrial Touchscreen Problems You Need to Know About

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Like many other components of your industrial computer, the touchscreen is prone to damage if you do not take proper care of it. Elements like dust, dirt, and grease can easily damage the surface material of the screen, making it lose its clarity and introduce scratches that may limit its sensitivity. It is during the maintenance process that you will detect issues and have them checked by an expert. You will also prevent the occurrence of issues that may arise later and cause downtime.

Dealing with Dirt and Grease to your Touch Screen

Your screen’s accuracy is the first feature to suffer from the accumulation of grease on the surface, which may make it cumbersome to input the right commands. Also, the internal components of your industrial computer may fail to function due to the accumulation of dust from excessive heating.

Using a microfiber cloth to clean the surface of your screen, and investing in a touch screen protector will keep these elements away, are excellent ways to prevent accumulation of dust and grease.

Regular Calibration

The projected capacitive touchscreen on your industrial computer can sense the exact point that the screen has been touched before taking further action. This feature is what experts call calibration. Over time, the screen may lose its ability to detect the correct input point, or touch from your finger or stylus pen, causing erroneous commands. At times, it may also fail to detect. Regular calibration can ensure that your screen detects contact points with a high degree of precision.

System Updates and Touchscreen Efficiency

In some cases, you may lose the screen’s sensitivity entirely due to an operating system update process. These are common problems that you can avoid by following the OS update instructions clearly since you may skip processes that are crucial to the operation of the touchscreen.


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