Basics of Panel PC Proofing

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An industrial panel PC is designed to fit the specific needs of every project. These computers are made with durable industrial grade components that are resistant to premature wear and high heat to offer you a long service life.

Industry Standards in Panel Computers

Industrial PCs are designed with compact chassis, high-performance platforms, high brightness LCDs, optimum functionality, and have user-friendly screens. Most of the systems use embedded versions of Windows including Windows XP, 8OS, and Windows 7. Industrial PCs come with many enclosure designs. This allows them to integrate easily into your operations and facilities. A computer that works in real time streamlines operations and saves valuable hours.

Ways in which a Regular Panel Computer Can Be Damaged

Your PC can be damaged in many ways. Removing malware, for example, could be a straightforward process. At least, with an antivirus, dispatching threats will be just a matter of seconds. However, security packages may not be the best for repairing PC damages caused by malware. In fact, trying to eliminate the issue could cause further problems. You could be virus-free for some period, but find that some programs are unresponsive. The operating system could also be behaving strangely. Do you notice odd error messages? It could be that some of your internet or network connections are already broken, and this can be a major issue. Your PC could also have a weak link, wherein a steady shake could already knock a cable loose.

How Industrial Panel Computers Can Circumvent the Damage

Industrial PCs come with IP ratings. The aluminium housings, temperature range, and anti-vibration kits are designed to ensure that the PC performs perfectly regardless of dust, temperature, water, oil, and vibration exposure. They can be used in hazardous areas without additional certification procedures or costly enclosures.

Materials Used in a Panel Computer

Panel Computers are designed from hardwearing materials such as aluminium and steel, making them experience fewer breakages compared to other machines, such as consumer PCs and laptops. Aluminium and steel offer resistance to scratches and greatly improve equipment durability.


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