Choosing the Right LCD for Your Panel PC

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The LCD monitor on a panel PC is one of the features that impact its effectiveness and usability. There is a broad range of monitors on the market, and each type offers some advantages to users. Displays have various specifications that are uniquely qualified to fulfill particular roles. For panel computers, one type of monitor that is commonly used is twisted nematic (TN) panel. This display is highly responsive and allows smooth movement of images. TN panel monitors can be used with 3D technology. The other LCD type that is available for panel computers is in-panel switching (IPS). With this type, users get better graphics and viewing angles. IPS also offer some variations.

Screen Size Advantage

LCD monitors vary in screen size as well. Panel computers work well with large monitors. The importance of having large monitors on a panel computer is to facilitate the various functions that need to be carried out. In some operations, it may be necessary for a panel computer to be operated by two people. A large monitor makes this possible. Most industries now use touch screen monitors; and so, size becomes a contributing factor to performance.

Resistive vs. PCAP Touch Screen

When using LCD monitors, one of the choices that companies have to make is between resistive and projected capacitive touch screen (PCAP). Resistive touch screens contain two layers that touch when pressure is applied on the surface. A resistive touchscreen allows use with gloved hands or a stylus, and it is highly resistant to dust and water. PCAP, on the other hand, offers more sensitivity to touch because of the glass surface. It also supports multi-touch capabilities; however, it can be problematic to use with gloved hands.

Importance of the Right Monitor

It is essential to select the right LCD when using panel computers because it impacts performance. Companies have different needs, and these determine the type of LCD monitor that would be most suitable. For instance, a manufacturing plant would need large LCD monitors that are highly sensitive to touch. You have to consider whether users will be wearing gloves or not. The environment will also dictate the most suitable LCD monitor to get.


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