Industrial Pointing Devices for Seamless Steel Production

Are Industrial Pointing Devices Necessary in Structural Steel Industry?

Richard B. Industrial Pointing Devices, Steel Manufacturing Industry

Several industries need steel for their products because of its ductility and durability from harsh environmental conditions. However, the construction sector remains as the top consumer of this material. In the UK alone, demand for structural steelwork is expected to grow by 23% by 2018 [Foregale]. This means that it will be a challenge for steel manufacturers to meet this …

Why Use Industrial Keyboard for Steel Production Operations?

Why Use Industrial Keyboards in the Steel Manufacturing Operations

Richard B. Industrial Keyboard, Steel Manufacturing Industry

In today’s urban setting, stainless steel has a high demand for construction, transportation and machinery use. Its corrosion-, high- and low-temperature resistance, and high-strength characteristics made the material as the top choice for industrial and manufacturing applications.   However, manufacturing steel can be a complicated process. The demand for this component requires steel manufacturers to produce it in high quantities. …

Advanced Kiosk Applications Installed on 22" Touchscreen Panel PC

Boost Client Satisfaction with 22” Projected Capacitive Touchscreen Kiosks

Richard B. Kiosks Manufacturing, Projected Capacitive Touchscreen

Retail store owners must adapt existing technologies to improve customer satisfaction. Interactive kiosks offer ease of use to customers in browsing and purchasing store items. Kiosks with 22-inch projected capacitive touchscreen PC provides clarity and crisp images, improving the overall customer experience.   Self-service kiosks have taken the consumer experience to the next level. It provides users with a simplified …

Increased Soft Drink Production Using the S17 Industrial Panel PCs

S17 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PC for Seamless Soft Drink Processes

Richard B. Food Processing Industry, Projected Capacitive Touchscreen

Soft drink beverage remains as one of the most popular drinks in the world. Soft drink manufacturing plants need to automate its processes to meet the increasing global demand for high-quality products. Our S17 industrial PC has a corrosion-resistant casing and waterproof projected capacitive touchscreen interface which can operate despite the presence of liquids on the screen. This makes it …

Navigating S12 Industrial PCs as Logistics Solutions for The Military

S12 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PC: The Answer to Military Logistics

Richard B. Military Technology, Projected Capacitive Touchscreen

Successful military operations rely on quick and precise logistics support. Advanced computing devices are used to monitor the military logistics inventory and supply flow efficiently. The 12.1” Panel PC with integrated projected capacitance can function optimally despite harsh environments where military ops take place.   Military logistics is more than just supply lines and taking the needs of the military …

Installing TMS in 22” Touch Panel PC to Enhance Operations

Case Study in Transportation Management System with S22 Touch Panel PC

Richard B. Distribution and Logistics, Panel PC

Distribution and logistics require a fast-paced yet streamlined operation to meet deliveries on-time and maximise profitability. Installing S22 panel PC is advantageous in TMS operations because not only does it streamlines operations, but also its sturdiness guarantees operability 365/24/7. Many benefits are installing a 22” panel PC for TMS which include seamless processes, reduced miscalculations and active monitoring of delivery …

How S17 Touch Panel PC Can Meet Flight Tracking Demands

Intel® Core™ i7 with 16GB RAM S17 Touch Panel PC for Flight Tracking

Richard B. Aviation Technology, Panel PC

The aviation industry needs to have comprehensive flight tracking solutions to improve safety procedures and information dissemination to passengers. Utilising an S17 panel PC allows optimisation of the current flight tracking system as well as the versatility to adapt to future flight tracking applications. Air traffic controllers can seamlessly receive real-time updates from both the aircraft and passengers by utilising …

Upgrade Automotive Steel Production with 12.1” Panel PC

S12 Capacitive Touchscreen Panel PCs for Automotive Steel Operations

Richard B. Panel PC, Steel Manufacturing Industry

The automotive industry’s demand for lightweight steel makes it challenging to mass produce quality Advanced High-Strength Steel (AHSS). Installing S12 panel PC for manufacturing AHSS has the interoperability and sturdiness necessary to augment a steel-making process. With 12.1” panel computers, steel-manufacturing is more efficient which results in high production rate without significant cost increase.   Environmental and energy regulations are …

Employing 22” Embedded PCs To Military Drones Control Station

Custom-Configured S22 Industrial Computers for UAV Command Centre

Richard B. Industrial Computer, Military Technology

Military prefer UAVs, which are capable of flying unmanned and undetectable to radars. UAV command centre uses a custom-configured industrial computer system, ensuring the capability to control drones on a mission. Rackmount S22 industrial PCs is an all-in-one computing solutions to elevate military UAV ground control operations.   In the past, military operations used a Stealth technology when it comes …

Seamless Fish Processing Solutions Integrated Into S17 Industrial PCs

VESA Compliant S17 Industrial Computers in Fish Processing: A Case Study

Richard B. Industrial Computer, Kiosks Manufacturing

Fish processing continues to be driven by technology. Utilising advanced PCs like the S17 industrial computers is an ideal computing solution for a seamless fish processing operations. Built with the highest protection available for a device, this S17 panel mount PC ensures fast production while maintaining high-quality products at the same time.   Substantially, fish processing factories continue to be …