Using the S12 Industrial Computers Improve Logistics: the Case of Sainsburys Logistics

Using Industrial Computers Improve Logistics: Case of Sainsbury Logistics

Richard B. Industrial Computer

Implementing a real-time warehouse management system is a critical task for distribution agencies. Its system can help streamline a process and organise a distribution operation.   However, possible errors and inaccurate entry of data also happen in an inventory. Failure to solve these issues may create a negative impact on any process in the distribution.   To prevent this, installing …

How the S22 Industrial Computers Can Improve Precision in Steel Operations

Full IP69K S22 Industrial Computer With Intel® Core™ for Steel Operations

Richard B. Industrial Computer

Whilst it is true that it is not yet widely adopted, automated systems are now being utilised in steel operations. It helps to improve the process control of high-quality casting as well as its steel production.   However, it is also known that automated systems can only work efficiently in advanced industrial computing devices. Apart from that, this computing system …

S22 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PC in Air Cargo and Freight Services

Use the S22 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PC for Air Cargo Services

Richard B. Projected Capacitive Touchscreen

How can air freight services improve its efficiency in terms of handling and operations? Actually, these industries use an industrial computing device that is reliable to perform data collection and analysis. Also, this device should be compatible with the latest freight applications used in air cargo operations.   Using an industrial computer such as the S22 industrial panel PC is …

Building A CCTV System Using the S17 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PC

Integrate the S17 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PC to the CCTV System

Richard B. Projected Capacitive Touchscreen

Many CCTV solutions provider build a CCTV system with advanced features to comply with the needs of the logistics operations. Not only will it provide efficiency but also offers an ease of use and better functionality. Thus, this must have a computing system that is also compatible with CCTV solutions.   For these applications, an industrial computing device like the …

S12 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PC Used On Basic Furnace Oxygen Steelmaking

S12 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen and Basic Oxygen Furnace Steelmaking

Richard B. Projected Capacitive Touchscreen

The Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF) is the most applied steelmaking process in steel manufacturing industries. In fact, around 74% or 1,205.09 million tonnes of the world’s steel are produced via BOF. And, there were only 25% or 407.125 million tonnes comes from Electric Arc Furnaces last 2016 (World Coal).   Moreover, the methods of manufacturing steel have significantly evolved as …

Naval Tactical Data Systems Integrated With the S17 Industrial Panel PCs

Upgrade to S17 Industrial Panel PC for the Naval Tactical Data System

Richard B. Panel PC

Modern surface and submarine vessels require a number of different computer networks on board. This is to maintain security operations in maritime environments. But, with its challenging workplace, military ships should acquire a reliable computing system.   Amongst the most utilised computing equipment is industrial computing devices. It can have the specifications needed for the military. At the same time, …

Streamline the Sugar Processing Operations Using the S12 Industrial Panel PCs

S12 Industrial Panel PCs Streamlining Sugar Processing Operations

Richard B. Panel PC

Every industry requires customer requirements in the vertical market. For sugar industry, production lines often run continuously due to frequent changing of consumer demands. At the same time, it requires extensive data management to ensure product quality.   That is why the majority of the sugar factories now use industrial computers linked to automated systems. Not only will it suffice …

Installing the S22 Industrial Panel PCs To Digital Totem Kiosks

Setting Up the S22 Touch Panel PC for Interactive Digital Totem Kiosks

Richard B. Panel PC

Business owners find new ways to engage customers and create a great connected experience. Now, commercial businesses are utilising digital signage totem kiosks. This is not just to provide better consumer experience, but also to have an edge over their competitors.   That is why many kiosk manufacturers offer a variety of totems for these businesses to choose from. For …

Integrating the S17 Industrial Panel PCs on Autopilot Flight Control Systems

S17 Industrial Computer Integrated On Autopilot Flight Control System

Richard B. Industrial Computer

Technological advancements in the flight systems are now at a full throttle. Such kind of innovation does not only prevent human flight errors. But, it also helps the pilot to reduce the risks of acquiring certain health conditions.   For example, an autopilot flight control system only works on a reliable computing technology. This equipment must have the capacity to …

Resolving Inventory Discrepancies Using the S12 Industrial PCs

Using the S12 Industrial Computers for Inventory Discrepancy Resolution

Richard B. Industrial Computer

Any warehouse inventory management requires arranging the inventory with accuracy. Yet, any discrepancy in the inventory can be possible. This only means that setting one application to the system would not suffice efficiency in the distribution agencies.   But, thanks to the technological advancements today. A new process has been created to solve certain discrepancies in the inventory of these …