How Technical Support Specialists Help Fix Common Issues on Touchscreen PCs

Technical Support for Touchscreen PC Errors in Industrial Applications

Richard B. Projected Capacitive Touchscreen, Technical Support

Touchscreen technology is now the widely used interface among mobile devices and panel PCs in the world [Statistica]. But, what to do if the touchscreen stops responding to the user’s touch gestures? With over 4.5 billion mobile phone users, devices bearing this type of touch technology require lesser touch pressure to register user input. It provides a smooth interface which …

Ergonomic Meat Processes Using Rugged Workstations with Built-in PCs

NEMA4-Sealed Industrial PC Workstations for Seamless Meat Processing

Richard B. Food Processing Industry, Industrial Workstation

Food sanitation and hygiene are the topmost priority in every meat processing plants. This is to ensure that manufacturers are compliant with food and safety standards. However, there is a need to optimise and create effective strategies to keep up with stringent regulations, rising demand and competition. And, that is the reason why automation and robotics are the most used …

Optimising Air Traffic Control Ops with TB38 Embedded Panel PCs

Why Use TB38 Industrial Pointing Device With Air Traffic Control PCs

Richard B. Aviation Technology, Industrial Pointing Devices

Technical issues may occur in most industries like in the aviation centres. In December 2013, technical issues at the air traffic control centre in Swanwick, Hampshire led to the delay of over 1,000 flights. As a result, over 225 flights were cancelled. It prompted the National Air Traffic Service (NATS) to take control of the situation and resolve the said …

Top Reasons to Integrate 128-Key Industrial Keyboard to Panel PC

4 Features of 128-Key Industrial Keyboards Used on Processing Plants

Richard B. Food Processing Industry, Industrial Keyboard

For fruit juice manufacturers, sanitation and hygiene are top priorities. Each step entails careful monitoring to ensure that products are in best quality. Thus, accurate data input is necessary. Having a computing system that provides precise monitoring and information encoding is advantageous in meticulous fruit juice operations. Apart from installing industrial PCs, having the 128-key industrial keyboard is an excellent …

What a Technical Support Can Do When Setting Up a Network Connection

What a Technical Support Can Do When Setting Up a Network Connection

Richard B. Technical Support

Fast computer connectivity is a vital factor in many businesses, which rely on a stable network connection. In fact, businesses which have a stable connection have shown significant improvements in staff communication, collaboration, and marketing [Chron]. Therefore, installing the right Ethernet system for the business, regardless of its size and type, should be the top priority. Now, what is an …

Improved Steel Operations with Industrial PC Workstations

VESA-Compliant Industrial Workstations for Space-Saving Steel Operations

Richard B. Industrial Workstation, Steel Manufacturing Industry

Bottleneck operations is a common scenario in most steel manufacturing plants. It can cause delays in operations, which may result in not meeting target production yield. However, installing industrial PCs can make a steel process become seamless. It enhances the overall steel operation when these panel PCs are embedded in ruggedised industrial workstations. This type of setup allows operators to …

Effective Shipping Management Using TB38 Trackballs on Panel PCs

TB38 Trackball Industrial Pointing Devices for Efficient Cargo Shipping

Richard B. Distribution and Logistics, Industrial Pointing Devices

It is well-known that shipping operations have evolved in many ways and the requirements to comply with the regulations also change steadily. In fact, the cargo volumes increase every year, making cargo ships capacity to also grow. That is why most shipping operators utilise a reliable computing equipment to make sure that freight items can be delivered in a timely …

Upscale Steel Processes Using Panel PCs with 72-Key Rugged Keyboard

72-Key Industrial Keyboards with Trackball for Steel Manufacturing

Richard B. Industrial Keyboard, Steel Manufacturing Industry

By 2030, there is a projected £6 billion annual demand for steel products in the UK [EEF]. This is the reason why most of the stakeholders in the industry opt for an automated system to keep up with the growth. Although the automation software is integrated to ruggedised computing systems, there is a need to further optimise and streamline its …

Technical Support 101: Common Issues on Resistive and Capacitive Touchscreens

Richard B. Technical Support

Ever sinceit was firstdeveloped,touchscreen technology has enabled many industries tooptimisetheir production processes. Aside from its accurate touch response time, it was also designed to withstand a wide temperature range in varying work conditions.  As a matter of fact, panelPCs with touchscreen capabilities are widely used in industrial applications. One example is in the food processing industry whereindustrial computersfeatureinteractive displayswhich help …

Simplified Military Logistics Operations Using Industrial PC Workstations

Richard B. Industrial Workstation, Military Technology

Essentially, military logistics is a system that supports various military activities [NATO]. Logistics operators must have the capability to quickly provide the materials to guarantee operational success. That is why utilising advanced computing devices are essential to monitor military activities and equipment. However, given the fact that military activities operate under extreme work environments, it would be ideal to integrate …