Utilising Embedded Touch Panel PCs in Steel Manufacturing Plants

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Steel manufacturing industries are prone to heat and dust exposures. These industries face a harsh working environment where most equipment is heavily used. This goes the same with machining operations and manufacturing processes. There should be a tough and reliable computer system.

Fortunately, there is a right computing technology for steel manufacturing industries. And, this is the embedded touch panel PC. This type of computing equipment is designed for a wide temperature range. These advanced PCs can survive even in rooms that are too hot for other equipment to work. But, these industrial-grade PCs can still perform its functions.

Now, how can an industrial PC function on these working conditions? What are its capabilities to perform efficiency and productivity? Read further and understand how it can be utilised in these manufacturing plants.

Install Embedded Touch Panel PC System in Steel Manufacturing Operations

Advantages of Embedded Touchscreen PCs in Steel Manufacturing Plants

Many industries have extreme working environments. These industries bear heat, dust, moisture, vibration and liquid spillovers. Steel plants are amongst the toughest places. And for sure, harsh conditions are visible.

That is why a typical computing equipment cannot adhere such working condition. It will only lessen the productivity and make the operations less efficient. But, an industrial computing device is critical in the manufacturing processes.

Without these advanced PCs, the entire operations may likely fail.

Why Build an Embedded Computing System

Utilising an industrial computer is perfect for various industrial applications. All its internal components are specifically made to suffice the industrial needs. And, that includes steel manufacturing processes.

In fact, installing it in an industrial workstation in the steel plants is also a great option. It can be widely used for a multitude of industrial processes.

Furthermore, these advanced PCs have a built-in compatible operating system. It enhances the operation in manufacturing and production. To put simply, it is because of its usability and functionality.

Aside from these features, still, industrial PCs have a lot to offer. Take a look at these features.

Best Feats of Industrial Computing Devices

Embedded industrial computers prove many benefits to several industries. Aside from its toughness, these devices are composed with many remarkable advantages.

Given that steel factories have harsh working conditions, computing devices will definitely help. Here are some of the best feats of the industrial computer in a steel factory.

Designed for Harsh Condition

This is one of the greatest benefits of installing panel computers for steel plants. These advanced PCs can withstand all types of working environments.

For example, an IP69K-rated touch panel PC is resistant from heat, water, dust, and fallen debris. Hence, there will be no system failure in the operations even when it is faced with these external elements.

Resistive and Projected Capacitive Touchscreen Functionality

Touchscreen technologies are the trend these days. These can be found on smartphones, digital signage, and televisions. Now, panel PCs are also touchscreen-enabled.

Most industrial computer manufacturers offer two types of touchscreen technology. One is the resistive touchscreens. Whilst, the other is the projected capacitive touchscreens.

Each of this touchscreen technology has its own features and capabilities. Resistive touch PCs are cheaper than projected capacitive PCs. But, a projected capacitive touchscreen PC is more responsive to touch than resistive PCs.

Customisable Features

Of course, embedded computing devices have customisable features. This is to ensure that the needs and requirements for the manufacturing plant are met. Talk to an industrial PC expertto learn more about the customisation options for a touch panel PC system.

Building an Industrial-Grade PCs for Steel Factories

We understand this can be a huge investment. But, knowing all its benefits is a big difference in manufacturing processes.

On top of that, an industrial PC will have longer life cycles because of its toughness and durability. With that, these devices can perform well in the operations of a steel factory.


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