What You Need to Know About Panel PCs for Air Traffic Control System

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Britain has one of the most congested airspace in the world. It covers 8,000 daily flights and reaches 2.2 million flights every year. Aside from this, Britain is also facing unpredictable weather patterns [NATS].

Now, aviation companies will have to provide solutions to these challenges. Hence, there is a need to innovate and upgrade their air traffic control and command centres. Amongst this is having an industrial panel PC in its management system.

These industrial PCs are integrated to a system of traffic management software solutions. Thus, management and support in operations are monitored.

What’s more, these industrial-grade panel computers have also touchscreen capabilities. With this feature, the controllers can perform operations on the system easily.

So, how is this system being setup with these advanced PCs? Here are some features and capabilities of these devices presented on this blog.

Improve the Air Traffic Control System with Industrial Touch Panel PCs

Improving the Air Traffic Control System with Industrial Panel PCs

Air traffic control system is responsible for moving aircrafts safely and efficiently. This system keeps the aircrafts set distances apart. And, at the same time, aircrafts can fly from airport to airport using set routes.

Now, these operations can be visualised and managed by utilising industrial PCs. These devices with a touchscreen feature can operate specific functions to the system. It also comes with a viable operating system which can be integrated into its existing system.

Another great advantage of these advanced PCs is its touchscreen features. Controllers can now easily operate the system with just a touch of their fingertips. Other control towers may not have devices with touchscreen features. Thus, management and support for control centre can be easier and more convenient.

So, how beneficial it is to have touchscreen PCs in an aviation management system? Let’s fly on each detail below.

Common Touchscreen Features on Industrial PCs

There are two common touchscreen functions being widely used today. These are resistive touchscreen PC and projected capacitive touchscreen PCs. These touchscreen features are common on smartphones, digital signage, and televisions.

But, each touchscreen functionality has its own capabilities and limitations. Resistive touchscreens’ advantage is that it is cheaper than capacitive. Whilst, a projected capacitive touchscreen device is quite expensive. But, the latter is more responsive to touch when compared to the resistive type of PCs.

Conversely, both touchscreen functions are ideal for the aviation control operations. But, most industrial computer experts strongly recommend a projected capacitive touchscreen. Simply because of its quick responsiveness to touch.

Whichever of these, industrial computers with touchscreen features are best for these systems.

Touchscreen Panel PCs for Aviation Control Operations

Basically, technology is all about providing convenience and ease of use. It would be wise to invest on advanced PCs in an operation with a complicated system. So, installing touchscreen PCs in these centres is a great decision to make. Take a look at some of the following benefits.

Compatible Operating System

Industrial-grade PCs are designed for industrial use. It also has a built-in operating system that is suited for tough applications. In other words, these computing devices are a perfect fit for an aviation tower.

These devices can receive, collect & analyse an information from different airspace traffic systems. With these PCs, coordinating flight plans is possible by sending signals to other control towers. As a result, the airspace traffic is managed and aircrafts are moving smoothly.

Tough and Resilient

Usually, these control systems are placed in an aviation control tower. And, it is also used by multiple controllers simultaneously. Thus, it bears a fast-paced workplace and heavy use. But, rugged industrial computers can serve well in these locations.

So, ensure that a panel PC has an IP69K rating with high NEMA sealing. That it can withstand a wide temperature range and frequent use. With it, potential problems in air traffic control system can be prevented.

Touchscreen Features

One feature of an industrial PC, apart from it being rugged, is its touchscreen. Again, it is ideal to choose a touchscreen functionality with projected capacitance. It will be resistant from scratch, dust, and liquid spillovers. And most of all, it has quick touch sensor ability. Hence, it helps any user to speed up navigating the control system.

Re-Design an Aviation Control Centre with Advanced PCs

Controlling the airspace traffic is one of the most stressful jobs in the world. But, advanced computing devices would be of a big help.

Not only it reduces the complexity; but also helps management of aircraft flights. And, of course, it keeps the passengers and crews safe in an air travel.

So, take a big leap and talk to an industrial computer expert today.


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