How to Know the Right OS for Industrial Panel PCs used in the Military

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Military computing solutions play a vital role in supporting combat operations. Its advanced features and capabilities enhanced the situational awareness in every military ops.

Now, with panel computers, the military has elevated its efficiency to a higher level. That includes control and command centres and ground vehicles.

But, panel PCs can only be effective with the right operating system (OS). It should be an OS that is compatible and a viable one. Hence, a rugged industrial computer should meet the military requirements. And, it must withstand heavy use, especially on harsh working conditions.

So, read on and get to know the most compatible operating system for these military devices.

Finding the Right Operating System for Military Panel PC

Finding an Operating System for Industrial Panel PCs used in the Military

Industrial panel PCs serve in a wide array of functions and capacities in the military. This includes administrative tasks, guidance systems, and communications. And, all these functions carry critical information for the military.

Thus, there should be zero tolerance in the field of military duties. Which is why the right operating system should be installed first.

But, how to determine if its operating system suits the entire computing network? Read further below to learn its details.

Types of Operating System for Rugged Industrial Computers

Actually, there are several types of operating systems available. It has its own features and benefits to military operations. But, there are two common operating systems which are compatible with military computers. These are the Windows OS and the Linux OS.

Windows OS

Windows is one of the easiest operating systems in terms of usability and compatibility to applications. Its user interface is simple and very easy to navigate the system. It is also user-friendly and it has the largest selection of software as well.

Amongst the most popular Windows systems are Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista and the new, Windows 10. These operating systems are suitable for upgrading the military computers’ system.

In fact, Windows has the largest user base. But, it is also the primary target for malicious coders. Thus, the military would have to install secured applications to prevent possible breaches.

Linux OS

Linux is widely used by Google, NASA, New York Stock Exchange and Facebook. It also has thousands of programs available and,take note, it is used for free.

Like a Windows OS, a Linux system has a lot of versions, too. But, these are the most recommended ones.

  1. Ubuntu
  2. Linux Mint
  3. Elementary OS
  4. Debian
  5. OpenSUSE

Usually, these versions depend on the level of security and expertise of the user.

In general, Linux requires a deeper understanding of the underlying system. However, it has a strong focus on system security, process management and uptime. Thus, it is reliable and secure.

Installing the Right Operating System for Military-Grade PCs

Both Windows and Linux are compatible with any industrial computer in the military. Each OS has its own capabilities but also has certain limitations. Whichever you choose, make sure it meets the military needs and requirements.

Anyhow, here are some tips on identifying the right operating system for military industrial PCs.

Check its System Requirements

Operating systems have varying system requirements. A Windows OS requires at least 1GB RAM and 15-20 GB hard disk space. Whilst, a Linux OS doesn’t require much computing power and space.

Identify Software Compatibility

Make sure to research of the software programmes. Military has complex applications. Therefore, it is best to identify its software compatibility as well. Some programmes may not work for Linux and so, as to Windows.

Backup the System Data

Before installing an OS to the industrial PC, make sure to have a backup. Copy all the important files to a backup location. Once OS is installed, upload the backup data again.

Wait for the Installation to Complete

Installation may take an hour depending on the speed of the computing system. Once the installation is complete, installing other programs can follow. For Windows-based military PCs, drivers such as anti-virus programs are needed. For Linux-based computing system, install the preferred distros.

Find an Industrial Computer Manufacturer for the Military

Choosing the right OS for military computers is a challenging task. It is not only about price and usability. The right OS must meet with the military’s security standard protocols.

Hence, finding a reliable industrial PC manufacturer can help to sort this out. Talk to panel PC experts today for a consultation.


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