3 Benefits of Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PCs for QA Processes

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Logistics and distribution involve the transport of resources between two locations. In fact, this industry is continually growing and expanding due to new technologies. Many huge companies set up subsidiaries in order to find growth and opportunities [Inbound Logistics]. But, they still need to ensure quality assurance and control as well.

Thanks to the advancement of technology. Quality assurance in the operations can be enhanced with projected capacitive touchscreen PCs.

These touch panel PCs help improve the efficiency & productivity of the distribution processes. It also comes with a compatible operating system (OS) to perform industrial applications. In this way, it can work on specific functions involving quality assurance processes.

So, how does quality assurance improve the distribution operations by using these devices? Or perhaps, should the distribution industry give more importance to quality assurance? Read on and understand the role of touchscreen devices for the distribution operations.

Why Install Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PCs for QA Processes

Why Distribution Processes Benefit From Using Capacitive Touchscreen PCs

Quality assurance is a process that reviews a product and the production system. The entire process aims to ensure that all output have consistency and quality. All these processes can be done manually. But, it makes it easier to conduct QAs with the help of advanced computing devices.

One example is loading crates of beverages from warehouses to various store outlets. Warehouses are not immune from dust, dirt, and liquid intrusions during the operations. Hence, warehouse operations should use advanced PCs to deliver products in good quality. And, for this, having a touchscreen device with projected capacitance is suitable for use.

Moreover, these touch panel PCs can be used more often by multiple users. Thus, its durability and toughness are tested. Only an industrial computer can withstand working environment such as distribution operations. And take note, it can still perform well without a system failure.

Now, what other capabilities of touchscreen computers that distribution agencies can get? Let’s find out further its proven benefits on the following sections.

3 Proven Benefits of Industrial PCs with Touchscreen

Today, industries are on the verge of adapting to new technology. Many distribution companies opt for touchscreen computers. These industrial computing devices aim to streamline the operations. These enable QA controllers to improve the overall production and efficiency as well.

In fact, one great invention today is the touchscreen technology. Many industries utilise touchscreen computers to aid in the entire operations. This is because of its intuitive interaction between the user and the device.

There are also several types of touchscreen technology. Amongst the most utilised touchscreen technologies today are the projected capacitive & resistive touchscreens. Each of this has its own capabilities. But, each has also a set of limitations.

But, why opt to install a panel PC with projected capacitance over a resistive touch-enabled PC? Here are the proven benefits of which the quality assurance operations can get.


Projected capacitive touchscreen PCs offer more speed in terms of responsiveness to touch. Whilst, industrial PCs with resistive touch features are cheap in terms of investment.


Industrial computers with projected capacitance have also the highest protection available.

In most cases, consider those touch-enabled computers with an IP69K rating and NEMA4 sealing. It can resist heat, dust, dirt, and water intrusion. It can even withstand harsh working conditions including the frequent use of the unit. At the same time, it can effectively function in the quality assurance processes.

Cost Reduction

Capacitive touch panel PCs reduce the time of using the equipment. Any user can perform QA processes efficiently in a short period of time. It simplifies the process because its application is integrated into the system. Hence, it keeps the operational costs down.

Invest in Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PCs today

There can be different industrial computing devices used in logistics and distribution today. But, touch-enabled PCs with projected capacitance are highly recommended for quality assurance processes.

Learn more about projected capacitive touchscreen PCs by contacting an industrial computer manufacturer.


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