Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PCs in the Food Processing Operations

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For the past few years, the UK’s food and drink industry maintained its remarkable resilience. It remains to be the largest manufacturing sector in the United Kingdom. This industry generated about £27 billion in Gross Value Added in 2016. It is also expected to expand its growth through exportation. Thus, the food and drink manufacturing industry must invest in advanced computing devices [EEF].

But, with industrial PCs, the food processing operations can speed up its demands to the international market. These industries must improve their efficiency in production and meet the consumers’ demands. But, there is one technology that will definitely help augment the operation. And, this is the projected capacitive touchscreen PCs.

Touch panel PCs with projected capacitance are fit in various industrial applications. It comes with a built-in stainless steel construction frame protecting its internal components. Hence, it can perform even complicated application without system failure.

But, can these touchscreen devices withstand the industry’s working condition? Read through this blog and check out its features and benefits.

Why Install Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PCs for Food Processing System

Touch Panel PCs with Projected Capacitance for Food Processing System

Food manufacturing or processing industries have plenty of challenges. Its working environment should be hygienic and contamination-free. And, all the equipment to be used should also pass the UK’s food safety standards. Good thing, rapid advances in computing technologies has an answer to these challenges.

For instance, projected capacitive touchscreen PCs can function in hygienic environments. Consider those touch panel PCs with an IP69K rating and NEMA4 sealing. This means that it can resist heat, water intrusion, and dirt. And, these advanced PCs are also resistant to chemicals substances.

As a result, the processing operations can deliver effective production and efficient output. Also, these devices can provide information that food products are safe for public consumption.

Now, what else do these touchscreen devices can offer for the industry’s operations? Let’s explore further in the sections below.

Benefits of Touchscreen Computers with Projected Capacitance

Food and drinks manufacturing companies follow strict guidelines in food safety standards. This is to ensure that all the food being processed are safe for consumption. Also, it is recommended to innovate on industrial computing devices to meet the market’s demands.

These touchscreen devices offer a lot of advantages for food products processing. These can provide remarkable capabilities that other PC enclosures don’t have. Here are some of the reasons why.

Built For Hygienic Conditions

Touchscreen computers with projected capacitance can function well in a hygienic environment. It also has the highest protection available. It will perform its specific functions without a system failure. At the same time, it is protected from chemicals & other substances that may jeopardise its system.

Easy Data Entry

Touchscreen industrial PCs offer bright display resolutions suitable inside the food processing plant. So, its programmable functions can be displayed on the touchscreens. With this feature, it would be easier for any user to enter or retrieve data from the system. The user doesn’t need more lighting to view the data displayed.

Projected capacitive touchscreen PCs are known to have a quick response sensor to touch. So, the user can also enter data on the system whilst their gloves are on. Always take note that wearing gloves is part of food safety standards. Operators are required to wear gloves in the operations.

Customisable Features

Advanced computers with projected capacitance have also customisable features. Manufacturers always ensure that some of its internal components can be customised. Thus, touchscreen industrial PCs need to meet the requirements for the processing systems.

Innovating the Food Processing Systems with Touch Panel PCs

In reality, automated applications are now being used in the food manufacturing systems. And, an industrial computing device with a touchscreen feature is suitable for automation.

Projected capacitive touchscreen PCs are durable, tough and offer a wide range of capabilities. Rest assured that there will no system failure during the course of operation.

So upgrade the industry’s processing systems with these touch panel devices. Talk to an industrial computer manufacturer for more information.


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