Operating 12.1” Industrial Computers for Wholesale Distribution

Richard B. Industrial Computer

We are witnessing the new dawn of technology. And by that, wholesale distribution companies need to adapt to these new technologies. Or else, they will lose their market share. Would your distribution agency allow that to happen? That is why advanced industrial computers can help boost your wholesale distribution operations. For instance, you can start by installing a 12.1” industrial …

Working with S17 Industrial Computers for Manufacturing

Richard B. Industrial Computer

Today, the manufacturing industry is overrun with new technologies. Some companies are utilising robotics whilst other manufacturing operations are optimising automated system. In times of limited resources, machining decision is the most critical thing to make. Yet, precision machining is the most remarkable technologies capturing people’s imagination. An application used for precision machining is the modern statistical process control (SPC). …

Horizon is Best Explored with 12.1” Industrial Computers

Richard B. Industrial Computer

Do you want to provide better passengers’ experience in aviation services? Or, do you want to improve the overall performance and efficiency of your operations? So, why not consider investing on industrial PCs to help you out on your operations? Pilots can easily navigate the flight management system because of its high-definition resolution. Passengers can use these touchscreen panels for …

How Can The Logistics Benefit From 12.1” Embedded Computer System

S17 Industrial Computers Are Your Best Bet for Food Processing

Richard B. Industrial Computer

Just like any other industries, the food processing industry has also harsh working environment where an employee has to deal with raw materials and, at the same time, working with touchscreen monitors to ensure that there will be no reason for contamination in the workplace. But, this S17 industrial computer system just perform perfectly without even contaminating the food that …

Elevate Your Car Biz With Rugged Industrial Computer Solutions

Find A 12.1” Industrial Computer System To Speed Up Your Car Business

Richard B. Industrial Computer

UK has been known for manufacturing premium cars and luxurious vehicles. So, when you talk about the automotive industry, there is no doubt that it is amongst the main key drivers of UK economy. With its unbeatable reputation, innovate your car business on an industrial computer system to make you stay in the car industry. Want to be technologically-driven like …

S17 Embedded Computers For Steel Manufacturing Control System

Manage 17” Industrial Computer System for Steel Manufacturing

Richard B. Industrial Computer

Steel manufacturing is an industry that existed for a long time. In the UK, Britain’s steel industry is facing challenges due to digital automation. Aside from that, the demands for steel worldwide is pivoting to China because of its fast-paced production using industrial computer technology and innovative control operating systems. But, if you don’t want to remain sluggish in the …