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Today, the manufacturing industry is overrun with new technologies. Some companies are utilising robotics whilst other manufacturing operations are optimising automated system. In times of limited resources, machining decision is the most critical thing to make. Yet, precision machining is the most remarkable technologies capturing people’s imagination.

An application used for precision machining is the modern statistical process control (SPC). Machinists can simply install this application in any industrial computer. With it, they can now improve quality, reliability and reduce operational cost.

State-Of-The-Art Precision Machining Industrial Computer for Steel Manufacturing

How Manufacturing Processes Work with Industrial PCs

Installing a specific software in the system can only start the manufacturing process. One of the most utilised application is the SPC. The statistical process control (SPC) has functions on gathering and analysis of data. It helps to determine which machining process is suitable for a work piece.

But, this application can only be efficient if the equipment used is reliable, too. Only an industrial computer like the S12 panel PCs can meet up on this requirement.

Take note, however, that not all industrial PCs have the same features. That is why the 12.1” industrial computers can help you to boost up your manufacturing operations.

So, what else can you get from our industrial-grade computers? Read on and get to know more of its advantages.

Pros and Cons of the S12 Industrial PCs

When choosing an industrial PC, consider the equipment and its specifications. For us to help you on your selection, we break down the pros and cons of our 12.1” industrial PCs.

Pros: It Is An Intel-Based Computer

A manufacturing process requires a specific application for a reliable and efficient productivity. Our S12 panel computers are powered by Intel Bay Trail M/D, designed to perform tough apps like the SPC.

Aside from that, this panel PC is equipped with a 2.0 GHz Quadcore motherboard processor. Thus, it is compatible for applications as the SPC as it can store, analyse and gather usable data.

Pros: It Is Fully IP69K-Rated Enclosed PC

Other panel PCs have an IP65 or IP67 rating whilst our 12.1” Enclosed PCs are rated with IP69K. Which only means that it is also ideal for wash down areas. Of course, IP69K rating is resistant from heat, moist, and any fallen debris. These are elements that may hinder and/or delay the manufacturing processes.

Pros: It Is Built With PCAP Touchscreen Technology

Most PC manufacturers use a resistive touchscreen technology because it is cheap. What you don’t know is that resistive LCD screens do not have a responsive touch sensors.

But, the S12 Industrial PCs have a touchscreen technology with projected capacitance (PCAP). It has a responsive touch sensors where you don’t have to wear off your gloves. You can simply touch the computer screen panels with your bare fingers.

Cons: It is quite a huge investment

We understand that it can be a huge investment. But, expect long-term availability and exceptional quality and productivity from our panel PCs. That is why we also provide a 3-year standard warranty. We need to monitor your purchased products for regular check-ups and maintenance.

Build Your Own Industrial PC to Ramp Up Your Manufacturing Operations

We only want what’s best for our clients. We also offer custom designed computing system based on your system specifications. So, ramp your manufacturing operations and start building your S12 industrial computer today.


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