17” Rugged Industrial Computers Used On Military Duties

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Having a reliable and trusted computing device is essential in the military operations. It does not only provide efficiency but it also gives fulfilment in military works. So, find first an industrial computing device for the military to aid on its operations.

Compare industrial panel PCs over other PCs to find the best device for the military ops. Get to know why the S17 rugged industrial PC is the best fit for military duties over other enclosed PCs.

Utilising Ruggedised Industrial Computer for Military Works

Why is the S17 Ruggedised PC the Best Device for the Military?

Military works have different scenarios. These can be a controllable situation or, much worse, a hostile status quo. Thus, the military considers the specifications of the industrial computers for its operations.

Given those scenarios, the S17 industrial-grade computers can fit any critical military operations. It runs with an Intel Core i7-3610QM 2.30GHz Quad core motherboard processor. This means that it is compatible for tough applications used for the military. Also, the S17 panel PC has a full IP68K-rated rugged enclosure. This makes it suitable for wide working temperature range.

What makes our line of products exceptional from other computing devices? Let’s have a quick review.

Ruggedised Industrial Computers: Pros and Cons

Now, take a look at the tables below and examine each pros and cons.

17” Ruggedised Computers

It is an Intel-based computer which is compatible for industrial tough applications.It is quite a huge investment when compared to other PC enclosures.
It comes with a built-in Watchdog Timer. This device has the capability to monitor, login, and control the operations.
Fully IP68K-rated enclosure with stainless steel frames. Hence, it can withstand water immersion, heat, dust, moist, and any fallen debris.
With projected capacitive touchscreen technology having responsive touch sensors.
We offer a 3-year standard warranty. You can have an option to extend it up to 5 years as well.
It is also customisable in order to meet client’s preferred requirements.

Aside from those specifications, the S17 panel PCs use low consuming power supply. So, it only requires low maintenance since it has no moving parts. You can ensure that it can perform its military functions with long-term availability.

Other Rugged Enclosed PCs

Powered by Intel Operating SystemSince it is rated IP67, it cannot withstand powerful high temperature water jets.
It is rated IP67, which is resistant from dust and liquid spillovers.Resistive technology may take too long to respond.
It comes with Resistive LCD Panels.Product warranty is not stated
It offers a wide temperature range.
It is cheap.

Other panel computing devices are cheaper when compared to our rugged industrial PCs. Their enclosed PCs are also powered by Intel™. It can be ideal for all types of military applications and operations. Thus, you can guarantee that our S17 panel PCs are capable to perform any military scenario.

Propel Your Military Ops and Invest on Rugged PCs

Investing in industrial computing technologies can be a huge decision for the military. But, expect that our products will provide exceptional quality and overall performance.

We also provide a standard 3-year warranty with an option to extend up to 5 years or more. So, build 17” ruggedised military-grade PCs now to propel your military duties.


19-inch military grade Panel PC powered by Core i7 CPU and fully IP65 rated, Acnodes.com

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