Operating 12.1” Industrial Computers for Wholesale Distribution

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We are witnessing the new dawn of technology. And by that, wholesale distribution companies need to adapt to these new technologies. Or else, they will lose their market share. Would your distribution agency allow that to happen? That is why advanced industrial computers can help boost your wholesale distribution operations.

For instance, you can start by installing a 12.1” industrial PC at your workplace. This advanced computing device is an Intel-based operating system. Intel® has been known for its compatibility for any type of applications. It is also capable for tough applications to improve productivity and increase efficiency. It comes with a 2.0 GHz motherboard processor and LED backlit display. This gives a high performing, low heat product even under wide operating temperatures.

So, how can this advanced S12 panel PC work so well in your distribution agency? Let’s take a look further on this blog.

How S12 Industrial Computer Optimises Wholesale Distribution Process

How S12 Industrial Grade Computers Boost Wholesale Distribution Processes

A lot of processes in the wholesale distribution industry is being performed. Many wholesale distributors perform to assemble, pack, and sell the goods they offer. They also supply information about the market to the manufacturers. Other operations they do include quick delivery, and inventories.

But, these processes have been made easier through advanced industrial computing devices. These devices like the S12 panel PCs are designed to perform specific functions. All wholesale distribution operations can now be performed by simply installing an application. Also, you can expect that our S12 industrial PCs can withstand extreme working conditions. That includes frequent usage and 24/7 operations.

Let’s check other industrial touchscreen PCs if it can meet with our industry-based specifications.

Comparing 12.1” Industrial Computers to Other Advanced PCs

You may have found a lot of panel computer manufacturers offering similar features. But, can these advanced PCs be resilient enough to withstand harsh conditions?

So, we compile some of the qualities of our 12.1” industrial touchscreen PCs to other enclosed PCs. Let’s compare the specifications of these units in this table below.

Specifications 12.1” Industrial PCOther Panel Computers
System Intel® Baytrail-M/D™ J1900 2.00Ghz Supports Hyper-ThreadingIntel® Atom™ processor N2600 1.6 GHz Intel® NM10 Express
Touchscreen DisplayCapacitive and/or Resistive5-wire resistive low reflective type
MemoryUp to 16GB (DDR3L-1333)DDR3 SO-DIMM max.
up to 4 GB
SealingStainless steel;
IP65 / IP68 / IP69K
Stainless steel;
IP66-sealed system
Other FeaturesWatchdog TimerWatchdog Timer
Options to customise selected technical specifications
Warranty3 years Return-to-base Warranty****not specified****

Initial Assessment

In summary, the 12.1” industrial computeris suitable for wholesale distribution processes. Our S12 panel PCs can store much bigger data when compared to other PCs. You can utilise its memory storage up to 16GB. Isn’t that the wholesale distribution needs a big memory space? So, a lot of valuable information can be stored here such as product details and inventories.

What’s more, its environmental sealing is also exceptional. It is stainless steel and graded IP69K. Its entire computing system is protected from external damages. This keeps the device from damages caused by water, dust, rust, and other fallen debris. Thus, this advanced S12 computing device is best suited for harsh working environment.

Accelerate Your Distribution Operations with S12 Industrial PCs

In reality, distribution companies that embrace new technology are winning. They are growing at a rate faster than their peers. Their efficiency and productivity have also improved.

Now, would you rather make use of your typical computing equipment and be left behind? Or, would you accelerate your operations using these S12 industrial grade computers?

Sure, you would choose these advanced S12 panel PCs for your distribution operations. Invest today and get a quote from our specialists.


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