S17 Industrial Computers for the Food Canning Production Facilities

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In the UK, the canned food market continues to grow at a fast rate. Canning processed food need to increase their production without sacrificing its quality. Canned goods must be safely preserved and retained its nutrition as well. That is why food canning production facilities need to utilise advanced computing technologies.

Amongst the useful equipment for food canning operations is an industrial computer system. It helps the process organised, and simultaneous. At the same time, monitor the output quality by installing the right application.

Would you like to know what an industrial-grade PC can do for food canning production? Let’s check the details further on this blog.

Buy S12 Industrial Computing Technology For Food Canning Operations

Opt for 17” Industrial Computers for Food Canning Facilities

Food canning processing is one of the alternative packaging methods today. It involves the preservation of food from spoilage by storing it in a hermetically sealed container. Foods that are hermetically sealed are protected from the ingress of gases & vapour. It also helps protect the food from bacteria, yeasts, moulds, and dirt from other sources. Therefore, putting up a reliable computing system is a substantial solution.

Given this, the S17 industrial PCs have the capability to operate in the food canning facilities. It can perform tough applications to ensure that the processes to be more productive. It also comes with an Intel® Baytrail M/D 2.0 GHz Quadcore motherboard processor. This enables the S17 panel PC to gather, store, analyse and transmit data from the main system to another.

But, what is the utmost asset of the S17 rugged panel PC? Let us explore more of its features and benefits.

Evaluating the Features and Benefits of 17” Industrial PC

Your main objective is to reach optimal production levels using an advanced equipment. You can be sure that the S17 industrial PC can provide a solution that will surely fit the industry. Take a quick view of its features and benefits below.

Built For Hygienic Conditions

The most important factor in the food canning operations is the high level of hygiene. You may think that our industrial computing devices are only designed for hygienic conditions. But, there’s more. This advanced computing device is also easy to clean and maintain since it is graded IP68+. Thus, this gives you a peace of mind that you are able to clean the equipment. At the same time, it can still perform well.

Resistive and/or Capacitive Touchscreen Features

Our S17 panel computer has touchscreen technologies used by most industries today. You can have the option to have it resistive or capacitive. Both touchscreen features are used on various devices such as smartphones, televisions and more.

Resistive PCs are much cheaper than capacitive touchscreen PCs. But, these capacitive PCs have a distinct feature which is ideal for S17 computer panels.

Capacitive touchscreen PCs are known for its quick response touch sensors than resistive. You can easily navigate the system without putting too much pressure on the screen. Unlike the resistive feature, a capacitive touch PC can speed up processes in the food canning operations.

It Is Energy-Efficient

Of course, you always want an energy-saving equipment. Fortunately, this advanced computing device is using low power consuming components. But, it can also perform specific functions essential for food canning operations. So, it still gives you all the processing power you need to get the job done efficiently.

Ability to Resist a Wide Temperature Range

One challenge that other panel computers may face is its ability to withstand extreme temperatures. But, not all computing system have that resiliency and robustness.

Good thing, the S17 industrial PCs have high IP ratings and guaranteed NEMA seal. It has the ability to resist heat, humidity, water intrusion, and other fallen debris. These are external factors that may potentially harm the system.

In sum, the S17 rugged panel PC is suitable for the food canning production facilities.

Ramp Up Your Food Canning Production with 17” Industrial Grade Computers

Yes, this can be a challenging investment. But, our products have its exceptional quality and overall performance. To give you that assurance, we offer a 3-year standard warranty of all our industrial products.

So, what else are you looking for? Customise your S17 industrial computer and speed up your food canning operations today.


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