S17 Linux-Based Industrial Computer Operating System for Public Kiosks

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Recently, a massive Windows hack has swept through Europe. Reports revealed that a ransomware called “WannaCry” breached many healthcare facilities & private companies. This ransomware infects a Windows-based PC and encrypts all private files and documents. The hacker holds the encryption key which can only be given if payment has been made.

Hacking on the Internet has already been a global concern. Not only has it compromised the online security of personal information, but also many industries. But, what if this could happen to your public kiosks?

Don’t be as we have an ultimate solution for you. Customise your public kiosks to a Linux-based industrial computer operating system. It is way more secure than that of Windows-based PCs.

Know how a Linux operating system can keep your public kiosks from security breaches. Explore the potentials of choosing a Linux-based industrial PC for your public kiosks.

Install A Linux-based Computing System For Public Kiosks

Why Install a Linux-Based Industrial Computer for Public Kiosks

A Linux operating system may not be as popular as that of a Windows OS. In fact, Linux is often set aside because of its text-based interface and cryptic commands. Whilst, Windows can offer a more user-friendly interface than Linux.

But, most people don’t know is that a Linux OS is also a smart choice for several reasons. One example of this is our S17 advanced computing device. Its operating system can be customised to either Windows or Linux OS. Also, the kernel can also be customised to make the OS suitable for your industry preferences.

Now, let us see what these industrial computers can do with a Linux OS installed on public kiosks.

Pros and Cons: S17 Rugged Panel PC with a Linux OS

Why choose an S17 Linux-based computing system? Of course, you would like to understand why this is commendable for your kiosks.

You have to keep in mind that kiosks are frequently used by the general public. Most of the kiosk users utilised it to gather valuable information. Sometimes, the kiosk users are required to enter their personal details.

So, you need to make an assurance that your potential customers’ details are secured and safe. Here is a quick overview of the pros and cons of this advanced computing device.

More Secure than Windows

In terms of security, Linux-based computing systems are more secure than a Windows OS. Due to the structural design of Windows, it is prone to virus applications and spyware. And, once a virus or malware infects your Windows system, it can do more damage and harder to remove.

Lower Hardware Requirements

Other industrial PCs require higher versions of hardware. Most often, this is needed every time there is a system upgrade. Or else, it will suffer from system failure. But, a computing system that is run by Linux OS only needs lower hardware requirements. This can remain even if there is a system upgrade.

Robust and Tough

Our S17 Linux-based panel PC comes withbuilt-in capacitive touchscreen displays. Projected capacitive touchscreen PCs are known for its quick touch sensor ability. Thus, it is easy to use.

Aside from this, it is also enclosed with a stainless steel frame. And, this advanced computing device is also graded with IP69K and NEMA sealing. It helps the system protected from any potential damage. It may be caused by water intrusion, dust, heat, and other fallen debris. Hence, it is best for kiosks that are usually placed outdoors.

More Options than Other System

Actually, this can be both a pro and a con, especially if you want to change something from the computing system. But, there are hundreds of distros to choose from. And, these distros have different structural designs to change a computing system. So, the only limiting factor is that your desire to figure it out how.

Get Your Public Kiosks Secured: Build an S17 Linux-Based Computer Today

Indeed, it can be frustrating when your kiosk’s system is hit by a malware. Consumers will no longer use your public kiosks. They would think that their valuable information might be jeopardised.

So, it is recommended to customise your own S17 Linux-based industrial PC system. Security and reliability in operations is a must. Build your S17 Linux-based panel PC and get your kiosks secured today.


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