S17 Rugged Panel PC for the Emerging Military Technologies

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New technologies are already found in the military. In fact, some of the latest innovations are already used in land, water, and air operations. And, these technological advances have improved the military. It helps on precautionary measures in mobilisation and application of force as well.

But, do you know that one of the most utilised equipment in every military ops is a rugged touch panel PC? For example, a 17” industrial computer can withstand different types of military duties. This advanced computer is specifically designed to endure harsh environments and tough conditions.

But, why should you choose the S17 industrial PCs as computing devices for the military? Read on and get to know its remarkable qualities.

Using the S17Panel PC system for the Various Military Operations

Using the S17 Industrial Computer for the Various Military Operations

Advanced computing devices like the S17 touchscreen computers offer new possibilities. It enables the user to produce, store and spread knowledge. It also has the capability to gather, analyse and transmit data from the one server to another.

This panel computer is also built to withstand a wide range of temperature. It can resist liquid intrusion, dust, dirt, heat, humidity, and shock. It is also resilient to other fallen debris that may cause potential damage to its system.

As a matter of fact, our panel PCs can be utilised in many ways regardless of its working conditions. Below are some facts of this S17 rugged industrial PC being used in different military ops.

S17 Military-Grade PCs is Best Used in 4 Ways

The greatest advantage of this 17” rugged panel computers is that it is best used in 4 different ways.

Military Aircraft

High altitude and bumpy ride are amongst the challenges of all military aircrafts. A typical computer might not function well in these working conditions. And, this may result in a system failure.

But, our panel computers are best suited for these challenges. It is rated IP69K with a high NEMA sealing. Hence, it can provide the highest protection against high temperature and high pressure. So, it can withstand rough flights and high altitude.

Military Vehicles or Humvees

Military personnel riding in Humvees experience bumps especially on the rough terrains. Plus, these military vehicles move at fast speeds. But, this S17 rugged industrial PC is built with an enclosed stainless steel frame. This makes its computing system protected against from shock and vibration.

Mobile or Remote Military Ops

When placed in military boats, the S17 panel PC can still perform its specific functions. Always remember that this computing device is compatible with any operating system. It can perform a lot of functions even during remote military operations. This includes audio and video analytics, communications, and data analysis.


The S17 rugged touchscreen PCs are technically made for industrial and military-based conditions. Its storage memory is also designed with modularity. Thus, vital information is safe and secured by utilising these military-grade panel computers.

Modify Your Military Computing System with S17 Industrial PCs

So, is there any reason on why you should not invest in this advanced computing device? Those capabilities are enough to ramp up your military computing system. This can help on developing and improving the overall military operations.

Hence, it is ideal to invest in advanced military-grade PCs. Install a series of panel PC system for the emerging military technologies. Contact our industrial computer specialists today.


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