12.1” Touchscreen Panel PC Used On Operating Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

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Industries use Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) especially on the agriculture and building sites. For the most part, UAVs are used for monitoring huge infrastructure projects. These are also used for power line inspection and evidence gathering as well.

But, do you know that UAVs can be operated through the use of rugged computers? For instance, a 12.1” touchscreen panel PC can take control of the UAV.

So, how does it work? An S12 panel computer bears a compatible operating system for any UAV. It is also designed for tough and long usage. It can then be installed with a specific application to remotely control the UAV.

Now, what makes it different from other computers? And, why you should choose rugged computer panels for UAV operations? Read through this blog.

Manning UAVs with the S12 Touchscreen Panel PCs

Manning UAVs with the S12 Touchscreen Panel PCs

UAVs are commonly called as drones. But, we are not talking about recreational drones here. The UAVs we are referring to are for industrial purposes. These are integrated into a computer interface to perform aerial shots and survey. These are used to monitor or reach long distance location for industrial purposes.

But, these UAVs can only be operational with an effective controlling system. An advanced computing device must be capable of performing UAV’s specific functions. With that, the S12 touchscreen panel computers are best suited to control the UAVs. It has industrial-grade capabilities, which are perfect for UAV’s complex applications.

This computing device has a high NEMA sealing and an IP69K rating. It has the highest protection for the computing system. This includes shock, vibration, humidity, heat, dust, and water intrusion. So, our S12 panel computers can provide overall performance even in tough conditions.

Can other industrial computers have all those features and benefits? Let’s check it out.

Choosing the Right Computing Device for UAV Operations

An advanced computing device must be compatible with the UAV’s manning application. It must have the ability to withstand extreme working conditions and temperatures. But at the same time, this panel PC can still perform its specific function.

Here are some of the specifications and features of our 12.1” industrial PC and other computer panels. Take a look at this.

12.1” Industrial PC

Display: Capacitive or Resistive

System: Intel® BayTrail J1900 2.0GHz Quad Core; Intel® Gen7; Up to 16GB (DDR3L-1333)

Storage: HDD: 500GB SATA; SSD: Up to 128GB SATA

Material: IP65 / IP68 / IP69K; NEMA sealing

Features: Watchdog Timer; Some technical specifications are customisable.

Other Industrial Computers

Display: Resistive

System: Broadwell Core i5 5200U 2.2GHz; 5th generation; DDR3L SO-DIMM 4GB, Max. 8GB

Storage: HDD: not indicated; 1 x mSATA SSD 64GB

Material: Fully IP67 rated rugged enclosure

Features: Technical specifications are fixed.

Initial Analysis

Another feature of the S12 industrial PC is its projected capacitive touchscreen. A capacitive touchscreen feature is mostly used for smartphones, kiosks, and TV monitors. It has better touch sensor capabilities than a resistive touchscreen. Thus, the user can easily navigate the system. Too much pressure when touching the screen monitor is not needed.

Also, the S12 industrial computers have a built-in Watchdog Timer per unit. It can login, monitor, and control the system ensuring that the equipment is in good condition.

Customise the S12 Industrial Computers to Control the UAVs

We understand that investing this advanced PC is a challenging decision to make. But, we assure you that the S12 industrial PCs are compatible with any UAV applications. It is also designed for all types of working conditions.

So, build your own 12.1” embedded panel PCs now and contact our IC expert today.


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