Integrating the CNC Machining Operations with an S12 Panel PC System

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Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machining involves the most integral processes in manufacturing steel. A CNC Machining runs on a computing system to control the machine tools during the operations. It works like a robot where programs are fed into the system and follow the operator’s instructions.

Its computing equipment must also be compatible with the CNC machine’s functions. Thus, installing our 12.1” industrial PC is the key solution. This computing device is compatible with any operating system. And, it is even designed for complicated applications.

Moreover, the S12 industrial panel PCs are built with a stainless steel frame. This is to ensure that the system is protected against potential damage. It may be caused by heat, fallen objects, dust, and corrosion as well.

Now, can this advanced computing device be integrated on a CNC machining process? Read on and understand how it becomes possible.

Setup a 12.1” Touchscreen Panel PC in CNC Machines

Why Setup a 12.1” Touchscreen Panel PC in CNC Machines

Computer-aided CNC machines can provide accuracy, efficiency, and productivity. The CNC operator can complete a recent process whilst performing other tasks as well. Thus, a panel PC should be tough and resilient enough to endure heavy usage.

Setting up a 12.1” industrial computer in CNC machines would be a great solution. Its performance in any operating system is designed for industrial applications. It is also a tough equipment because it has a high NEMA sealing and is rated with IP69K. Hence, its system is protected from possible damages that may cause a system failure.

So, is there any factor that may affect in choosing the S12 rugged industrial PCs? Let’s take a look further of its features and specifications.

3 Top Reasons Why You Should Choose S12 Panel Computers

Is the S12 industrial computer reliable? Or, does its computer panel have distinctive features? Let’s review an outline of the best specifications of this device.

Built-In Watchdog Timer

One feature of the 12.1” industrial PC is its built-in Watchdog Timer. This timer can login, monitor, and control the entire operation system. It can easily determine and solve certain computer issues to avoid malfunctions. So, rest assured that your operations will remain productive and efficient.

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Capacitive Touchscreen Monitors

Our S12 panel computers have the latest touchscreen technology with projected capacitance. Its capacitive feature is easy to operate for its quick touch sensor capability. Any user doesn’t have to put on too much pressure on the screen when choosing a function. This feature will help improve the productivity of the machining operations.

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Tough and Resilient

As provided earlier, this advanced computing device is tough and resilient. It bears the highest protection available which certifies its IP69K rating. The system is protected against water intrusion, humidity, dust, and other fallen debris. Also, this 12.1” industrial PC has a high NEMA sealing. This means that it can endure heat and all types of working conditions.

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Renew Confidence in Manufacturing and Embrace S12 Advanced Computers

The UK’s manufacturing industry is suffering from a bumpy ride in 2016 due to the digital revolution. That is why adapting to new technologies is a smart decision to make.

Now, CNC machining operations are providing efficiency, accuracy and increase in production. Start by integrating these CNC machines with our 12.1” industrial computers. Consult with us today and build your own S12 panel PC.


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