S17 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PC in the Distribution Operations

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Distribution companies are shifting to install an integrated software to advanced computing technologies. This is to elevate the efficiency in their production operations and processes. And, this includes using projected capacitive touchscreen panel PCs to support their operations.

Using a projected capacitive (PCAP) touchscreen feature is widely used in most panel computers. This includes mobile phones, digital signage, and public kiosks. PCAPs are also utilised in televisions because of its special feature.

With this PCAP feature, touch-enabled devices are responsive to the user’s touch. This is even without having too much pressure on the screen. Hence, any user in the distribution companies can speed up their operations.

However, our 17” industrial PCs are built to support such kind of tough operation. Do you want to know how it can help to fast-track your distribution processes? Read through this blog.

Fast Track Processes Using the S17 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PCs

Fast Track Processes Using the S17 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PCs

Advancement in technology is challenging the distribution industries. Many companies realised that new technologies can provide better productivity and efficiency. And, utilising an old software and/or system today may become irrelevant to the industry.

Using our S17 industrial PCs can speed up your distribution processes and operations. It comes with a compatible operating system for the distribution’s complex applications.

This advanced computing device has a built-in Watchdog Timer. It can login, monitor and record internal operating conditions to protect its hardware. Hence, it can perform its functions without a system failure.

Now, what are the features of this S17 panel PC that are beneficial for distribution processes? Let’s read further for each feature below.

Why Choose 17” Capacitive Touchscreen PCs for Distribution Operations?

Investing in technologies, such as an advanced computing device, is a great option. It helps you increase productivity and improve performance of your operations.

But, why would you choose the 17” capacitive touch PCs for your operations? Here are the top reasons why.

Projected Capacitive Touchscreen Feature

There are two common types of touchscreen technologies applied on devices today. These are the resistive and capacitive touch features. Both touchscreen features are helpful but each has different features and benefits.

Resistive touch-enabled devices are cheap and responsive to touch. But, capacitive touch-enabled devices have quicker touch sensor capability compared to the former. So, you can quickly access the system with a PCAP-enabled computing equipment.

In fact, this capacitive touch panel PCs are widely used in many fields. This includes the military, manufacturing, food processing and life sciences industry.

Best Designed for Industrial Applications

Our S17 industrial PCs are built with any compatible operating system. You can choose a Linux OS or Windows OS. Any type of application or software can be installed as well. But, we can assure you that it will meet your needs and preferences.

Sealed up to IP69K

This 17” industrial PC is also sealed up to IP69K with its stainless steel frame. Take note that IP69K rating is the highest protection. Thus, it can withstand any water intrusion and other fallen debris. So, the system can still perform distribution operations in the harsh environments.

Weather Resistant

Industrial computers with a capacitive touch feature are also weather resistant. It can endure a wide temperature range. Hence, this advanced PC can still function in the humid or cold climate.

Accelerate Your Operations in the Distribution with S17 Industrial Computer

We understand how your industrial distribution operations work. And, you need to boost your productivity and meet the demands of the market. But, you may not be able to achieve it if you don’t adapt to new technologies.

The distribution industry has a competitive world. And, the best way to compete is to invest in advanced computing devices. So, talk to us today and build your 17” industrial computer.


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