17” Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PCs Work Best in Dairy Processing

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Touchscreen panel PCs are the new advancements integrated into the dairy processing plants. In fact, many dairy industries utilise new technologies to increase productivity today. But, these industries also face a challenge on how to pick the right industrial PC. That it must be suitable for hygienic conditions and compatible for tough applications.

To answer this need, we have developed touch panel computers to be used in dairy processing plants. This touch panel computer is the S17 touch panel PC. It comes with a compatible operating system which is suited for industrial applications. Its stainless steel frame protects the system from any intrusion.

So, keep on reading. And, know why a PCAP-enabled computing system is a great option for the dairy processing.

Install an S17 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PC in the Dairy Plants

Install an S17 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PC in the Dairy Plants

The nature of the working environment in the dairy plants requires a powerful device. These advanced PCs must be tough and resilient so that specific functions will work.

Utilising a 17” industrial computer can help meet these demands. It can perform the right applications that are needed for dairy processing operations. Also, this device features a projected capacitive touchscreen technology, too.

Now, let’s know other features of the S17 industrial PC for the dairy processing operations below.

Using the S17 Industrial Panel PCs in the Dairy Processing Plants

Using touchscreen industrial PCs has a lot of remarkable benefits. It makes every operation easier and provides better performance as well. And, it can speed up the process in dairy processing operations.

Here are some benefits you can enjoy when using this device on your operations.

Streamlined Operations and Processes

Our S17 industrial PCs enable the user to wield an unprecedented level of control. These advanced PCs link to a variety of dairy processes in the overall operations. It can also be linked to critical functions in the processing plant.

Furthermore, users can access all these functions in this advanced computing device. Thereby, it simplifies the tasks of operations monitoring and process control.

Projected Capacitive Touchscreen Feature

The S17 industrial computer also features a touchscreen with projected capacitance. It has a quick touch sensor ability. Thus, you can easily perform specific functions even when wearing hand gloves.


These 17” touchscreen PCs have rugged features which help the operations to complete efficiently. This advanced computing device has a high NEMA sealing and rated IP69K. It is resistant to fluctuations of temperature. But, it can still perform its functions.

Also, it is resistant to particles that may potentially damage the system. This includes dust, dirt, and other fallen debris. Thus, it is a perfect tool to be employed in a hygienic condition.

Increased Productivity and Safety Levels

Another best feature of the S17 touch panel computer is its built-in Watchdog Timer. This timer can login, monitor, and check the condition of the system. It can easily identify and solve issues to prevent a system failure. Hence, it can help your operations increase its productivity and safety levels.

Elevate Your Dairy Processing Operations with the S17 Touch Panel PC

Advanced computers with projected capacitance is a great investment to make. It helps the operations to provide a more efficient and more productive output. Thus, it also helps in completing the operations timely.

So, choose these 17” capacitive industrial PCs for dairy processing operations now. Start building your S17 industrial computer with a projected capacitive touchscreen feature.


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